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Event 9

Exhibition opening. A decade of the National Award for Photojournalism

Venue: La Alhóndiga. Sede de Gales / Llwyfan Cymru

The National Photojournalism Award, created and delivered by ANIGP-TV, has collected the most important events that have taken place in Spain and the world over the last decade. Susana Vera, Maysun, Ricardo Garcia Vilanova, Pedro Armestre, Mar Sáez, Samuel Aranda, Domingo J. Casas, Álvaro Barrientos, Olmo Calvo and Santi Palacios are some of the more than 70 photographers participating in this exhibition, where we can appreciate from the riots in Egypt and Tunisia, the migratory flows caused by the war in Syria, the tragedies of the Strait, the evictions of houses in the face of the economic crises, the visit of the Pope to Spain, climate change, regional festivals, armed conflicts, 15M and a long etcetera.

Eduardo Méndez, president of ANIGP-TV, and Antonio Graell, curator of the exhibition, intervene in the presentation of the exhibition.

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