Event 21

Screening of the documentary 'The Unification Theory: Mr. Montes' sheep'

Venue: Capilla del Museo Esteban Vicente

A looped screening of the documentary of the performance carried out at last year's Hay Festival Segovia by the AIDA Association, called The Theory of Unification: the sheep of Mr. Montes, directed by Luis Mengs and produced by the AIDA Association. 400 sheep belonging to Mr. Rafael Montes were herded to the Segovia aqueduct. The sheep each had the words YES or NO written on their backs, and formed random groups and clusters, which tried to illustrate Einstein's Unification Theory, as well as the possibility of individuals living together in peace, despite their different opinions. This performance was part of Kate Daudy and Kostya Novoselov's international art and science project called "Everything is connected".

The first afternoon sessions will feature Luis Mengs and Javier Gila, director and executive producer of the short documentary film.

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