Event 38

Concert by The British Council School Ensemble

A journey through European music from the Baroque to the present day

Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

The British Council School Ensemble is an orchestra formed by school students, teachers from the Music21 programme, and alumni who get together to enjoy musical expression. Their repertoire includes from baroque and classical pieces to popular and current ones. The school is committed to musical development, not only for the artistic results that are gained through learning, but also for the values that are acquired through teamworking, which include loyalty, challenge, flexibility, resilience, and care for one another. The British Council School is a bicultural School which contributes to the British Council’s global mission of promoting British culture and its language, as well as building connections with cultures from all around the world.

The concert program A journey through European music from the Baroque to the present day is as follows:

- Concerto for viola and orchestra, 1st and 2nd movement. G. Ph. Telemann.

Soloist Sefa Lafarga

- Concerto No. 2 for oboe and orchestra, 1st movement. A. Marcello,

Soloist: Alvaro Vaquero

- Hymn to Joy. L.V. Beethoven

- Andante for saxophone and orchestra. Raphael Villanueva.

Soloist Pablo Castaño

- Carmen Fantasy. G. Bizet

- Timelapse. M. Nyman

- Eleanor Rigby. The Beatles. Arr. R. Villanueva.

- Pirates of the Caribbean. K. Badelt

- Burn. Deep Purple

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