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Pedro Favaron in conversation with Stefano Varese

South to South: Ancestral medicine

Arequipa 2023, 
Pedro Favaron has a doctorate in Literature from the University of Montreal, is a social researcher into Andean, Amazonian and North American indigenous peoples, and is a lecturer at the PUCP; he works to promote intercultural dialogue between modernity and the ancestral knowledge of indigenous cultures. He has recently published Non Onan Shinan: Los mundos medicinales y la sabiduría de una familia Shipibo-Konibo, written together with the Shipibo-Konibo artist Chonon Bensho. This work of non-fiction reflects on the major cosmic, moral and ethical problems that face our civilisation, and which indicate the paradigm changes needed in order to survive the ecological catastrophe that will come if we continue down the road we are travelling. Pedro Favaron reflects on his background and recent work with Stefano Varese.
Pedro Favaron in conversation with Stefano Varese