Event HJ13

Jorge Comensal in conversation with Laura Martínez Salcedo

This boiling vacuum

Universidad de Cartagena, Claustro de la Merced (Salón Eréndira)

Jorge Comensal is the author of the novel Las mutaciones (2019) and the essay Yonquis de las letras (2017). He has contributed to media outlets such as Gatopardo, Tierra Adentro, The Literary Review and The Paris Review. He has also edited the Revista de la Universidad de México magazine, been a recipient of the Foundation for Mexican Literature and the National Fund for Culture and the Arts, as well as a resident with the Jan Michalski Foundation. He presents Este vacío que hierve (2023), a novel that explores matters such as the malleable nature of space-time, the environmental crisis, family secrets, addiction and fanaticism. It knits together the stories of Karina, a 25-year old physicist; her alcoholic grandmother Rebeca; the parents of Karina, who died 18 years previously; Silverio, a guard at Mexico City’s biggest cemetery; a cryptic pyromaniac priest; Daenerys, an environmental activist; and the animals at the burning zoo of this story of fauna, mystery and solitude. He will talk to Laura Martínez Salcedo.

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Jorge Comensal in conversation with Laura Martínez Salcedo
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