Event 81

Jaime de los Santos in conversation with Mar Sancho

The cult of the square

Venue: Sala de la Palabra del Teatro Liceo (Salamanca)

José Benito de Churriguera and Leone Batista Alberti. The main squares of Salamanca and Pienza as the nerve center of a city, of an idea.

Jaime de los Santos and Mar Sancho —writers; she is a journalist, he is an art historian; friends— will talk about the concept of a plaza with two different but complementary views. The one in the piazza ideale of Pienza in front of the main square of Salamanca; one reflection of the power of the Church, the other of the civil power. The paradigm of Italian Renaissance urban planning compared to that of the Hispanic Baroque. The unique personalities of Alberti and Churriguera; those of Pope Pius II and Corregidor Rodrigo Caballero.

Two essential architectural formulas to understand all subsequent urbanism in the West. Two unique examples of infinite beauty. Two centers of attention for cities that pulsate around two spaces declared World Heritage Sites.

A talk for reflection, for dialogue and the search for solutions for a world under construction, ours.

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Jaime de los Santos in conversation with Mar Sancho