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Kubbo and Mayumana

Banco Sabadell Foundation project

Venue: Campus Cámara Sevilla (S/ Isabel, 1)

Baby boomers, Spain 82´s football mascot Naranjito, the Spanish transition to democracy, la movida (The Madrid Scene), la mili (compulsory military service) and so on and so forth. Each generation has its own touchstones that shape the narrative legacy they leave to what future generations will call history. What legacy will Generation Z – or “Generation Screen” - leave? The climate crisis? Artificial intelligence? 50 young people will come together to reflect on what narrative they want to leave to history. They will explore actions they want to take so as not to be remembered as the generation of dangers, challenges and crises, but as a generation with dreams, passions and the motivation to leave a world a little brighter than the one they found. All this reflection will take place in spaces that break traditional moulds: participative, artistic, fun and creative spaces. They will be guided by artists and facilitators specialised in social and cultural innovation.

Led by its CEO, Kike Labián, Kubbo brings together interdisciplinary artists who seek to address social challenges of the 21st century such as education, equality or ecology. A living example of his activity is 'Mayumana', a dance and percussion show that visually and emotionally captures the viewer through dance and percussion. Energy, rhythm, creativity, emotion and humor to ensure that joy prevails even over art.

The project is divided in two sessions:

  • First session: 10:00 - 14:00 h
  • Second session: 16:30 - 18:30 h

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Kubbo and Mayumana