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Screening of 'The Queen'

Screening: Stephen Frears

Venue: Fundación Cajasol (Teatro)

British filmmaker Stephen Frears has without doubt been one of the most influential filmmakers over recent decades, with many of his films having become cultural touchstones. His movies are known for their exploration of social class, and historical and cultural contexts, in both biographical and fictional narratives. Above all, they display their own distinctive and very personal style, making Frears a true master of the seventh art of cinema.

The Queen (2006; 97 minutes). After the death of Princess Diana of Wales in a car accident in Paris in August 1997, Queen Elizabeth II was faced with an unforeseeable chain of events that came close to irreparably and irrevocably damaging the British Crown. Full of wit and pathos, the film paints a magnificent portrait of the royals and especially Elizabeth II (majestically portrayed by Helen Mirren) in the days following Diana's death. The film focuses in particular on the relationship between the Queen and British Prime Minister Tony Blair (Michael Sheen). The film won an Oscar, two Golden Globes and two BAFTA.

The film will be presented by Irene Hernández Velasco and Marta Medina. Journalist, Hernández Velasco has worked at El Mundo, where she was correspondent in New York, Rome, London and Paris. She joined El Confidencial as is head of the culture section in 2023. Medina has been a film critic for El Confidencial since 2016 and is a regular contributor to Historia de nuestro cine on TVE 2.

The screening will be in the original English version with subtitles in Spanish

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Screening of 'The Queen'