Event 25

Jon Richardson and the Futurenauts

The Future of Friday Night featuring Amy Lamé

 – Global Stage

In a special Hay Festival live recording of their hit podcast, comedian Jon Richardson and the Futurenauts, Ed Gillespie and Mark Stevenson, explore the ‘Future of Friday Night’, with special guest, BBC Radio 6 Music’s Amy Lamé. As pubs and nightclubs close are we doomed to binge-drinking on the sofa at home in front of Netflix? Is flirting beyond dating apps dead? Will the Great British Friday Night Out go the way of the dodo, or is there a new era of conscious hedonism being born? Will the authentic visceral experience of live performance get us up and out? Can we twerk our tushes into a better tomorrow? Grab a cocktail, mocktail or whatever whets your whistle for the usual riotous adventures in the imagination of the possible.

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