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Event 87

Carys Davies and Francis Spufford talk to Tiffany Murray

Fictions: Keeping the Peace

 – Wye Stage

Join the novelists for a discussion of writing and their latest books. Carys Davies’ Clear is set in 1843 on a remote Scottish island. Ivar leads a life of quiet isolation until the day he finds a man unconscious on the beach. Taking him into his home, Ivar is unaware that the newcomer has been sent to evict him and turn the island into grazing land for sheep. Francis Spufford’s Cahokia Jazz takes place in 1922, in an America that never was, when two detectives find a body on a roof. A delicate peace holds in the city of Cahokia, but that body is about to spark off a week that will spill the city’s secrets and bring it either to destruction or rebirth. Davies and Spufford talk to writer Tiffany Murray.

Price: £11.00