Event 227

Gaby Sambucetti, Juan Toledo and Erna von der Walde talk to Oscar Guardiola-Rivera

Latinx Writers in the UK

 – Writers at Work Hub – Hwb Awduron wrth eu Gwaith

For a long time, contemporary Latin American literature has been pigeonholed as being only the magical-realist novel. But this is no longer the case. Modern works of Latin American fiction are being seen for the ways in which they respond to global concerns with forensic insight and precision, and imagine new possibilities with the fantastic resources of its peoples and landscapes. Authors are exploring different media and genres, and the works may be written anywhere, from Bogotá to London or New York.

Join Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, editor of the WritersMosaic guest edition The Forensic and the Fantastic: Latinx Writers in the UK, together with writers Gaby Sambucetti, Juan Toledo and Erna von der Walde for a moving journey through the new Latinx literary landscape.

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