Event 176

Josh Berry

Stand-up: Wokerati in Progress

 – Discovery Stage

Self-avowed ‘internet sensation’ Josh Berry comes to Hay Festival for the first time to deliver his specific brand of character and impressions-laden stand-up comedy. He reflects on his journey from being born in Crewe to becoming a fully fledged member of the Guardian-reading North London ‘wokerati’.

After being called a beta male last year, Berry is eager to explore the topic of masculinity and reflect on what place that concept has in the modern world, especially given the fall of Andrew Tate and the many crying meltdowns of Jordan Peterson on Twitter. He cannot wait to spend most of the set making fun of the audience for things that also apply to him.

“A remarkable new talent” – Rob Brydon.

N.B. The posh bashing will likely be interspersed with some more polite routines about the tennis.

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