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Djamila Ribeiro with Kedolwa Waziri

Feminist fury will save us

NBO LitFest 2024, 

From suffragettes to 5th wave feminists, women have always pushed back against the patriarchy and its intersecting systems of oppression. It has been difficult but necessary work with opponents springing up from both sides of the broader gender divide. African and black feminist movements evolved to speak to the specific realities of brown and black people through corresponding theories and intellectual practices.

What are the marked triumphs within this movement for gender equity? Are there shortcomings or blindspots? Brazilian feminist thinker, writer and activist Djamila Ribeiro will share her insights.

Featured writers: Djamila Ribeiro.

Moderator: Kedolwa Waziri

Djamila Ribeiro with Kedolwa Waziri