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Adventures of the day-to-day and the great unknown: Mentality, spirit and passion

Mikael Strandberg in conversation with Samuel Martín-Barbero

Segovia 2010, 
Mikael Strandberg, a celebrated Swedish explorer who has travelled around over 115 countries in the last 23 years, will talk about ‘authentic’ experiences with Samuel Martín‑Barbero, associate dean of the IE Business School. Strandberg has produced internationally awarded documentaries such as Patagonia: 3.000 Kilometres by Horse, The Masaai People: 1.000 Kilometres by Foot or 58 Degrees: Exploring Siberia on Skies. He is a member of The Royal Geographical Society, The Explorers' Club, The Travellers' Club and The Long Riders’ Guild. In 2002 he was voted Explorer Hero by National Geographic.