Hay Player

The King of the Sky

With actors, puppets and music

Hay Festival 2015, 
An Italian boy comes to live in a Welsh mining village, where his parents own a café. He misses his home but the cooing of Mr Evans’ racing pigeons reminds him of a sunlit Roman piazza, and draws him into an unlikely friendship with the old man. Together, they pin their dreams on a race across Europe and the special bird they hope can win it, ‘The King of the Sky’. This is a story about the meaning of home and finding friends where you don’t expect to. An inventive adaptation with actors, puppets and music, created by Pontardawe Arts Centre.

Photo: Illustrations from the first trial of the book, by Laura Carling

7+ years
This event is available to listen. Please pay to download or stream.
Price: £1.00
The King of the Sky