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Stuart Cade, Juliet Aston, Julian Munby, Camilla Finlay

Hay’s Castle

Hay Festival 2015, 

Hay Castle’s rich history reaches back to the time of the Norman Conquest, and is intertwined with events that have shaped the evolution of the country as a whole. Legend has it that in the early C13th the stone castle rose overnight out of the low woodlands next to the River Wye. In the C17th it was transformed from ruined defensive castle to country seat for the gentry. More recently it has been the seat of the King of Hay, Richard Booth.

The C21st has seen Hay Castle owned in trust for the public for the first time, and the creation of an exciting future vision for the buildings and grounds. The architects for the realisation of the vision are Rick Mather Architects, who, with representatives from their team of archaeology and conservation specialists, will describe the history and proposed future for the Castle – the creation of the next chapter in its story. Chaired by Francine Stock.

For further details about Hay Castle please visit the stall on site or www.haycastletrust.org.

Stuart Cade, Juliet Aston, Julian Munby, Camilla Finlay