General information

Hay Festival Digital Querétaro 2022 will run from September 1 to 4.

All the events will be in-person, and we will stream digitally a various number of them.

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With events for all of you:

Hay Joven, for University students

Hay Festivalito, for all the family

Hay Delegaciones, at the outreach of the city

Talento Editorial, all about books.

Hay Festival Querétaro is a cultural and ideas festival for all audiences that celebrates the arts and sciences through inclusive, accessible and playful events. The Hay Festival Querétaro is defined by the dissemination of culture and social commitment..


Sanitary measures

Given the current situation and considering the health measures and guidelines that the corresponding authorities indicate, for the activities that will take place in person at the Hay Festival Querétaro 2022, the following measures will be enforced at all venues.

  • Access control

  • Temperature measurement and registration

  • Hand sanitation (antibacterial gel with gel 70% alcohol base).

  • Sanitizing rugs

  • Mandatory use of facemasks for speakers (they will only be able to take them off at the beginning of their event), attendees, technical and management staff during the entire event.

  • Social distancing (1.5 metres) in shared areas, among speakers and attendees.

  • Sanitizing with antibacterial wipes, germicide and washcloths for furniture and microphones after each event.

The health measures will depend on the epidemiological traffic light of the State of Querétaro.

    Hay Festival Querétaro 2022 venues

    • ​Teatro de la Ciudad
    • Museo de la ciudad (espacio escénico)

    • Museo de la ciudad (espacio multiusos)

    • Museo de la ciudad (espacio de teatro)

    • Cineteca. Escenario de Gales - Llwyfan Cymru

    • Jardín Guerrero

    • Patio de la Delegación del Centro Histórico

    • UAQ, explanada de Rectoría, Auditorio Fernando Díaz Ramírez

    • Teatro Auditorio Dr. Flavio M. Mena Jara. Centro Académico Cultural UNAM Campus Juriquilla
    • Tec de Monterrey, Punto Blanco

    • Anáhuac

    • Centro Cultural de la UNAM en el Centro Histórico

    • Centro Cultural Comunitario Carrillo Puerto

    • Biblioteca Pública Rosario Castellanos

    • Casa de Cultura Cayetano Rubio

    • Casa de Cultura Josefa Vergara

    • Centro Cultural Epigmenio González

    • Biblioteca Pública Félix Osores Sotomayor

    • Corregidora

    • Parque Central, Bernal

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