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Event 12

Vicente Molina Foix, José Ángel Mañas, Idoia Cantolla and Amarna Miller

A Day of Storytel Workshops

– Venue: Biblioteca Municipal, Casa de la Lectura, Sala Roja

11am–12.30pm: Now and then: The revival of the ‘80s and ‘90s

The eighties were years of literary explosion, in a country that opened itself to a new democracy, in an age termed ‘Possibilitism’. Forty years later technology has provoked a new literary ‘revolution’, in styles, authors and formats, with a whole raft of writers reinventing themselves to adapt to this new form of communication. With the great writer and director Vicente Molina Foix and neo-realistic novelist José Ángel Mañas, chaired by the Publishing Manager of Storytel Original Spain, Idoia Cantolla.

12.30pm: 15-minute break

12.45pm–2.15pm: Podcast stories in women’s voices

The serial audio format gives voice to ten women from the sphere of culture and communication to talk, from their own perspective, about some of the issues that interest women nowadays: curiosity, creativity, fame, family conciliation, visibility. An exclusive and novel project which brings a female voice to current issues, in a relaxed format. With Idoia Cantolla Publishing Manager of Storytel Original Spain, and the creator of content, author, activist and actress Amarna Miller.

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Vicente Molina Foix, José Ángel Mañas, Idoia Cantolla and Amarna Miller

Event 13

ABC Podcast: New languages for history

Diego Moreno Bermejo, Andrea Carrasco Mejuto, César Cervera, Jesús García Calero

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, MediaLab

ABC newspaper attracts listeners with its voice project, a pioneer among the mass, national media. New audiences and devices allow ABC to reach its listeners through podcasts and newsfeeds, revealing stories and in-depth reports on history, science, women and cinema. Newsfeeds include downloads of the latest news and exclusive features to the device of your choice. The panel includes Diego Moreno Bermejo, ABC Multimedia Coordinator (videos and podcast), Andrea Carrasco Mejuto, ABC Multimedia Editor and voice of Los Boletines for ABC, and César Cervera, ABC history journalist. Chaired by Jesús García Calero, Chief Editor of ABC Culture.

Event in Spanish
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ABC Podcast: New languages for history

Event 14

Inua Ellams in conversation with Peter Florence

Identity, migration and coexistence

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Aula Magna

Poet, playwright, performer and designer Inua Ellams is one of the most celebrated contemporary creators in the United Kingdom for the wide-ranging nature of his work. He is a Member of the Royal Society of Literature and an ambassador of the Ministry of Stories, an organisation that fosters the potential of 8- to 18-year-olds as writers. After publishing four poetry books and receiving the Fringe First prize at the Edinburgh International Theatre Festival for his first play The 14th Tale, Ellams sold out his run at the National Theatre with Barber Shop Chronicles. His most recent play The Half God of Rainfall, a work in verse that mixes Greek, Nigerian and basketball mythology, opened in March 2019 in the Birmingham Repertory Theatre to great critical acclaim. In addition to his intense graphic and literary output, Ellams has founded the Midnight Run, an urban tour from dusk to dawn, and the RAP parties that combine poetry slam with urban music. He talks to Peter Florence about how his work crosses disciplines and themes, such as identity, migration and coexistence.

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Event 15

Mukul Kesavan in conversation with Llàtzer Moix and Laura Ventura

Gandhi’s Legacy and the New Wave of Nationalism

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Refectorio

The Indian historian Mukul Kesavan reviews the manner in which peaceful revolution, non-violent initiatives and the message of Mahatma Gandhi are reinterpreted in the 21st century in various contexts by separatist and/or nationalist movements. Kesavan is an essayist, political commentator, author and screenwriter, when his work as a professor at the national university Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi allows him. His work examines the constitution of a radical plural republic and the consequent erosion of majority policies. Kesavan shares the stage with the deputy director of La Vanguardia and cultural journalist and critic of design and architecture Llàtzer Moix, and with the Doctor in Hispanic Philology Laura Ventura, Professor of History of Journalism at Carlos III University and journalist for Argentine newspaper La Nación. Presented by the Honorable Ambassador for India in Spain, Sanjay Verma.

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Event 16

Raj Rewal in conversation with Llàtzer Moix

Alternative Modernity

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Refectorio

Today’s architecture and cities cannot be conceived without taking into account climatic sensibility, human architecture, the connection with the past and a look towards the future. The concepts of space, structure and sustainability are fundamental in the work of Raj Rewal, the renowned Indian architect who has been awarded the gold medal by the Indian Institute of Architects, the Commonwealth Association of Architects Robert Matthew Award, and named Chevalier des Arts des Lettres by the French government. Among his most notable projects are the Nehru Memorial Pavilion, the Central Institute of Educational Technology, the World Bank Regional Mission, the National Institute of Immunology, and the Parliament Library building, all in New Delhi, India, as well as the Lisbon Ismaili Center, Portugal. Rewal has established global precedents with his urban design narratives and will talk about his work and his vision for today’s architecture with Llàtzer Moix, deputy editor of the newspaper La Vanguardia, culture columnist and critic of design and architecture. The conversation will be chaired by Martha Thorne, Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design.

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Event 17

Emilio Gil and Eugenio Recuenco

Artistic Forms That Complement One Another

– Venue: Biblioteca Pública de Segovia

Designer Emilio Gil, winner of the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts 2015, and photographer Eugenio Recuenco started working together in 2018 with the 365º exhibition, a unique artistic endeavour, a joint effort rich in content and an enormously appealing mise en scène. The artists will talk about the relationship between photography and graphic design – artistic forms that complement each other. From illustrated magazines to photo books, Gil and Recuenco will talk about both disciplines and their historical journey.

Photo ©: TAU Design
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Event 18

Javier del Pino in conversation with Valeria Luiselli and Aurelio Martín

A vivir que son dos dias

– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

Journalist Javier del Pino, director of A vivir que son dos días, from la Cadena SER, the programme with the highest number of listeners during the weekend (over 2.2 million), talks about immigration and journalism, Mexico and its extraordinary culture with the Mexican writer Valeria Luiselli, who is visiting Segovia to launch her new book Lost Children Archive. They discuss writing in such a tumultuous period, where the media are focused on natural disaster, political change, polarisation and disillusionment, with journalist Aurelio Martín.

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Event 19

Ricardo Cárdenas

Exhibition Opening and Concert: Esculturas en libertad

– Venue: Huerta de Félix Ortiz

The sculptor has designed a series of sculptures for Huerta de Félix Ortiz, which have been placed around the garden, creating a path which represents the footprint of the Colombian Amazonian jungle deforestation. He uses techniques of his own with metals, plastics and woods, and his structures are covered with paint. Through the geometry in his works, he wants to raise awareness about how we can reverse the harmful effects caused to nature by deforestation. His sculptures are composed by complex manufacturing processes from the first phase of the pieces to the last finishing touch of the materials.

At the launch of this exhibition, a lyrical concert will be presented by Fundación Prosegur, in collaboration with Fundación Albéniz, in which students from Escuela de Música Reina Sofía will perform.

On Saturday 21st at 5pm, there is a guided visit with the artist for the Caro y Cuervo Institute.

Event in Spanish.

In the event of rain, the concert will be moved, at the same start time, to La Alhóndiga
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Event 20

Jeanne Gang and Martha Thorne in conversation with Edwin Heathcote

Architecture: a catalyst for change

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Aula Magna

Architect Jeanne Gang is the founder of Studio Gang, which, in addition to being a renowned architectural firm, acts as a hothouse for testing ideas on varying scales, from cities and environments to building materials and their properties. Jeanne Gang has always been interested in pushing the boundaries of architecture and design to build better communities and better buildings: such as the Bengt Sjostrom Starlight Theatre in Illinois which includes a retractable roof that opens to the sky; Aqua Tower in Chicago, an 82-storey tower that breaks from the traditional norms of skyscraper design, including balconies that vary in size and shape on each floor; the energy-saving high-rise apartments Solstice on the Park in Chicago, and the future US Embassy in Brazil.

She is a MacArthur Fellow, a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur, awarded 2016 Architect of the Year by The Architectural Review, and the only architect present on the 2019 list of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people. 

Jeanne will talk about architecture and innovation with Martha Thorne, Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design and Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, and with Edwin Heathcote, Architecture and Design Critic for The Financial Times. The event is presented by Frederick Studemann.

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Event 21

Vicente Molina Foix in conversation with Renato Cisneros

Hispano-American Notebooks

– Venue: Biblioteca Pública de Segovia

Hay Festival Dialogues with Hispanic American Notebooks fosters knowledge and exchange between writers from different generations and nationalities, bound by the same language and a shared literary tradition, enriched by authors from diverse origins. The project invites an established author to support a younger colleague from overseas. In this case, Vicente Molina Foix (Spain) chooses Renato Cisneros (Peru) for a talk about the latter’s last book Algún día te mostraré el desierto (‘One day I will show you the desert’) and about the writer’s profession.

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Event 22

Voices in the Square

– Venue: Plaza San Martín

Plaza San Martín will be the epicentre of this celebration as it once again plays host to a popular evening party. The celebrations will surprise visitors with their energy and happiness. Master of ceremony Jan Box.

7.30pm: First readings alternating with music from across the world, in collaboration with the Music Club of IE University and representatives from IE Foundation Humanities Prizes. Participating artists include Nnamdi Ehirim (Nigeria), Bubelo Mlilo (Zimbabwe), Giedre Pavalkyte (Lithuania). 

7:45pm: The Spanish Center for Reprographic Rights (CEDRO) organizes a session of three readings to recognize the work of writers, in which the poet Rosana Acquaroni, the novelist Amelia Pérez de Villar, and the dramatist Pedro Víllora, will read a fragment of his work to value the author's creative work.

8:00pm: Basilio Sánchez, 2019 International Poetry Prize Winner of LOEWE Foundation will read a fragment from He heredado un nogal sobre la tumba de los reyes.

8:15pm: The event continues with readings and music from different parts of the world, in collaboration with the Music Club of IE University and representatives of the IE Foundation Humanities Awards. Artists like Daniel Bloch (Australia), Lucía Naveiro (Spain), Jack Straker (United Kingdom), Malak El Halabi (Lebanon), Jacob Axel Peter (Sweden), Gede Witsen (Bali), Gabrielle Isa (Nigeria), Ellie Sande (Ethiopia) and Sarah Rachel Westvik (Norway), Clare Chambers (United Kingdom), Guillermo Rodríguez (Spain), Benjamín Rosado (Spain) and Félix Losada (Spain).

9.30pm: Dutch creations take up the natural stage of the square with a captivated Crown by Aleia Roses, the church and its balconies for the closing ceremony, shaping a unique event dedicated to show the music and creators from the Netherlands. Readings in Dutch and Spanish by Jan William Box, that will read poems from Cees Nooteboom, Leonard Pfeijffer, Martius Nijhoff, Hugo Claus, among others, will establish a dialogue with the singer SAS joining into an alternative and original pop experience in an incomparable atmosphere among emblematic Castilian buildings and the intense red colour from the flowers. Own songs and covers in Spanish, English and Dutch, where Eurovision 2019 winning song by Duncan Lawrence will not be missed. SAS is a singer and songwriter born in Holland who provides acoustic performances. In 2008, thanks to a grant from AIE, she came to Spain to study flamenco singing in Fundación Cristina Heeren. There, she discovered her own voice and started to develop her music, composing, performing and recording her album Home.

Members of the audience and participants in the readings are invited to record themselves in a professional recording cabin located on Plaza Mayor. See event 29. Please register in advance at

Special offer for Hay Festival Segovia assitants and friends. 30 days free trial of Storytel

​In the event of rain, the event will be moved to La Alhóndiga, at the same scheduled time
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Event 24

María Dueñas in conversation with Jesús García Calero

Migration and Liberty

– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

In her fourth novel Las hijas del Capitán (‘The Captain’s Daughters’), María Dueñas sets her story among the Spaniards who emigrated to New York in the 1920s, intertwining her fictional characters with real ones. In 2009, following two decades as a university professor, Dueñas burst onto the literary stage with El tiempo entre costuras (‘The Time in Between’), an historical novel in which the heroine leaves her native Spain to seek refuge and fortune in Morocco in the 1930s. The novel became an overnight sensation and was adapted into a miniseries by leading television channel Antena 3, to spectacular acclaim. Her later works, Misión Olvido (2012) and La Templanza (2015’s bestseller) continued to captivate readers and critics. Her work has been translated into more than thirty-five languages and has managed to sell millions of copies. Dueñas has become one of the most revered Spanish language writers in the world. She talks with journalist and writer Jesús García Calero.

Photo ©: Ricardo Martín
Event in Spanish
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Event 23

Marc Quinn in conversation with Dylan Jones

Our Blood: A social sculpture

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Refectorio

Through some of his most high-profile works, British artist Marc Quinn has been a trailblazer in artistic activism for more than 20 years. Alison Lapper Pregnant, shown in London’s Trafalgar Square from 2005 to 2007, was widely acclaimed for challenging perceptions of disability in society. In his latest piece is a not for profit artwork. With Our Blood, Quinn confronts the refugee crisis at a time when notions of ‘self’ and ‘other’ are increasingly – and tragically – at odds. Quinn talks to Dylan Jones author, journalist, editor-in-chief of British GQ, and Chair of the Hay Festival Foundation, about his work, inspiration and aspirations for using art to spark social change.The sculpture itself consists of two substantial, identical cubes of frozen human blood. One is made from donations by 2,500 resettled refugee volunteers and the other by 2,500 non-refugee volunteers. The two anonymous cubes will be displayed in bespoke refrigeration units and housed in a pavilion. The pavilion is designed by the renowned architect Norman Foster and the Norman Foster Foundation. They will be joined on stage by siblings Fatoumata Marie and Salou Samassa. Fatoumata talks on behalf of her brother and tells his personal experience having left Marruecos and his brother’s, Yayah Samassa, who was a victim in 2015 in the biggest tragedy in the history of immigration within the Mediterranean Sea. The Our Blood project is about giving a voice to refugees, raising funds for refugee causes and raising awareness of the global refugee crisis. 

Marc Quinn Photo ©: Sarah Lee
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