EPAL Pallets Move the World

Segovia has a long-established wood industry, which is why this year, all Hay Festival events, and particularly the Poetry Whisperers in the city centre, will feature installations to encourage visitors to think about how pallets are used.

This environmentally aware initiative is sponsored by EPAL, the European Pallet Makers Association to celebrate the organization’s 17th anniversary.

EPAL is part of the “Light and Green” initiative by Germany’s GS1, which certifies environmentally friendly companies, a project aimed at raising awareness about sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Locations in Segovia featuring pallet installations: Plaza Mayor, Plaza de San Martín, Palacio Quintanar, IE University, Capilla del Museo Esteban Vicente and San Juan de los Caballeros, from Friday 22 September to Monday 25 September
Curator: Elizabeth Gruninger
Coordinator: Laura Garrido
Production: EPAL

José Manuel Lara Foundation

Among the priority objectives of the José Manuel Lara Foundation are the promotion of books and reading. With this in mind, it has various programs and activities, among which are writers' meetings, literary workshops in libraries and attendance and sponsorship of book fairs, especially the Seville Book Fair.

Also, to commemorate International Book Day, every 23 April it donates books to villages in Andalusia municipalities of fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. The Foundation also promotes courses and seminars in Spanish universities to develop knowledge of the Hispanic-American publishing and literary worlds. Education is one of the pillars of the Foundation, through granting scholarships and aid to underprivileged groups.

Another key activity of the José Manuel Lara Foundation is its magazine, Mercurio, which also encourages books and reading. With ten annual issues and more than 40,000 copies, this free publication is appreciated by readers, writers, editors and critics. Mercurio is distributed in libraries throughout Spain and public libraries, and is available by subscription.

The José Manuel Lara Foundation will once again be collaborating with the Hay Festival Segovia 2017 by sponsoring several events. In addition to Dolores Redondo, whose new novel, All this I will give you, we will read from and discuss. There will also be talks with Antonio Muñoz Molina, A.C. Grayling, Deyan Sudjic, Lorenzo de'Medici, Santiago Posteguillo and Renato Cisneros.

British Council

The British Council, global partner of the Hay Festival, this year offers a program focused on the issues crystalised by cities: diversity, integration, information and creativity.

Acclaimed novelist Nikesh Shukla is one of the sharpest analysts of British society, from the humorous portrait of adolescence of London’s suburbs in Coconut Unlimited, to the description of the frantic content industry in Meatspace. Shukla is also the editor of The Good Immigrant, a book that brings together 21 British authors to talk about immigration. Ben Okri, for his part, talks to Jesús Calero about the concept of post-truth and the use of language today. Finally, Segovia will host, for the first time in Spain, a performance by Jay Bernard, one of the most relevant voices on the Spoken Word scene. After presenting her work in prestigious venues such as Buckingham Palace or the Royal Shakespeare Company, Bernard will go on stage at the old prison for a performance exploring gender, sexuality and diversity. We will also welcome this year one of the great ladies of contemporary British literature, Jeanette Winterson, along with the philosopher A.C. Grayling, among many others.


RENFE takes you to the Hay Festival at high speed (Avant).

Renfe again joins this important cultural festival, which fills Segovia with interesting and varied artistic proposals.

Thanks to the numerous high-speed connections on AVANT trains, traveling to Segovia from Madrid or Valladolid is quick and easy, taking around 30 minutes. Other rail services in the north-west of the peninsula also make it easier to visit Segovia during the festival.

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