A Re-examination Of Words And Silence

The exhibition "Efímero" is a further step in the evolution of the photographer Pedro Armestre in the search for new ways of expressing his environment. In fact, "Ephemeral" is the evolution of an earlier personal project. The exhibition is divided into two clearly differentiated lines. "Ephemeral documentary", where each image is supported by words that open a window for the visitor to a constantly changing reality which, though at times seemingly entrenched, is eternally fleeting and transitory. Pedro has always disputed the phrase "a picture paints a thousand words" when it comes to photojournalistic photography. In this first part of the exhibition we will learn about the issues that have marked his life; how he captures and disseminates them, and delve more deeply into his documenting photography.

In "ephemeral author" Armestre bares his gaze, along with his soul. Thanks to the language and intervention of his photographs, he immerses us in new codes of interpretation, those much closer to sensations and abstract reflection. The work takes on its own relevance by excluding any contextualising words. It is a gateway to the personal interpretation of whoever views it. It is very close to the search for the essence that the spiritual fifth element exerts on all of us, and which has been such a constant in the author's life.

Pedro Armestre

(Verín, Orense, 1972)

A professional photographer since 1993, Armestre has worked for several media organisations, including Europa Press, Cover Agency, El Mundo, and Interviú magazine as well as with various national and international media. From 2003 to mid-2016, he distributed his images through the international agency France Press.

He has won multiple awards such as the Ortega y Gasset prize for the best photography and the Rey de España Journalism prize.

Armestre details his current creative standpoint: "I am increasingly interested in imperfect photos, those that transmit strength, those that don't have this vehement focus to them. Life is imperfect, like photos that are shaky, noisy, and out of focus. I am driven by the constant search for what has not been seen". When we delve into his universe, we find the most beautiful shots taken from moments of adversity, destitution, need, injustice, grief and anguish; photographs whose ultimate aim is to awaken social conscience, moving one world to pull the other. Inevitably, the denunciation is followed by reflection, melancholy, and pain. To be able to bear it, Armestre always returns to nature, and to the four elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire.

Photo: © César Lucas