Hay Festivalito

Hay Festivalito is our programme for children and young adult readers. From October 19 to November 6 we broadcasted different videos that were free to watch during the whole festival.



6 November

HF9 - 08:30 - 08:50 Hay Festivalito Digital Stage 

Family stories with Mukashi Mukashi

Pepe Cabana Kojachi (or Mukashi Mukashi) is a Nikkei artist, from a Peruvian-Japanese background, who combines traditions from both countries in his work. He is a children’s literature writer and illustrator, and he aims to motivate reading through creativity, play, stories and particularly through Kamishibai Japanese paper theatre, fused in a very original way with the Retablo Ayacuchano format. At this event, Pepe Cabana Kojachi shared two ways of telling stories and he talked about how to do this at home, so we enjoyed them as a family.

Duration: 20 minutes

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5 November

HF8 - 08:30 Hay Festivalito Digital Stage 

Susanna Isern 

Susanna Isern (Spain) has written dozens of children’s books, translated into numerous different languages. The Big Book of Superpowers (2020) talks about family, memories, teachers, nature, animals, friends and dreams. Things that we cannot touch and yet are very valuable, things that need to be looked after. The writer talked about the process of creating the book and what it means, commented on the illustrations, and read a few pages.

For children aged 6 to 10 

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4 November

HF7 - 08:30 - 09:30 Hay Festivalito Digital Stage 

Exhale your fears. Fiorella Rusca 

Fiorella Rusca (Peru) is a medical psychiatrist, specializing in the psychiatry of children and teenagers, and has written children’s books such as Catalina y la dopamina and Un amigo como Rodrigo, to raise awareness among readers about children’s mental health. At this event, Rusca read one of her stories, called Andrés y el estrés, which deals with fears and anxiety among children, followed by a drawing activity, and finished with a breathing exercise.

For children aged 6 to 12

At this event we will use white paper, crayons or felt-tip pens and a pencil to write

With the support of Fundación BBVA 

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Buy Catalina y la dopamina by Fiorella Rusca at SBS

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3 November

HF6 - 08:30 - 09:30  Hay Festivalito Digital Stage 

May the maths be with you! Clara Grima

Mathematics are all around us, and keep the galaxy together. They are in almost everything we do. Clara Grima knows how important maths are, and has a firm and open conviction: that everyone likes mathematics, only some people haven’t realized it yet. Confident that this is true, she has written a book that is aimed at all kinds of people, of all ages, convincing them they don’t even need to make any particular effort, because maths are there, around us, much closer than we usually realize.

For children aged 8 to 12 

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2 November

HF5 - 08:30 - 09:30  Hay Festivalito Digital Stage 

Erika Stockholm

Erika Stockholm (Peru) is a writer, actor and Chair of the cultural association ¡Al teatro por primera vez!. She has published over a dozen books, including the acclaimed Pabellón y su gran nariz. Her most recent book is Abracadabra, sin leche de cabra. The main character in this story is intrigued by an old mansion that looks haunted. Are there secrets hidden behind its high walls? Why does coloured smoke billow out its chimney? Perhaps those witches you hear about in stories are real? Erika Stockholm told an entertaining tale, full of enchantment.

For children aged 8 and over

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28 October

HF4 - 08:30 - 09:30 (GMT-5) Hay Festivalito Digital Stage 

The secret life of our books. A visit to the Madrid publishing company, Wonder Ponder

Wonder Ponder is a Spanish publishing house that specializes in visual philosophy for readers of all ages, and it has years of experience running courses, exhibitions and didactic projects in this field. Since 2014 it has been publishing game-books about matters related to reality, the imagination, freedom, cruelty and the self. In this video, the editor Raquel Martínez Uña and the authors Ellen Duthie and Daniela Martagón showed us the publishing company (located in the back of a picturesque bookshop in the Las Letras area of Madrid), revealed some of the secrets of their working methods, and talked about the projects they have currently underway.

For children aged 6 to 11

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26 October

HF3 - 09:00 Hay Festivalito Digital Stage 

Jordi Sierra i Fabra 

Jordi Sierra i Fabra was born in Barcelona in 1947. He has given numerous talks on child and young adult fiction, something that he still does today at schools, libraries and other institutions in Spain and Latin America. He is the creator of the Jordi Sierra i Fabra Foundation, whose goal is to promote reading and writing among children. Since 2006, the foundation has been awarding the literary prize of the same name to young writers.

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21 October

HF2- 09:00 (GMT-5) Hay Festivalito Digital Stage 

Alex Nogués

Alex Nogués studied Geology and is a specialist in Palaeontology and Hydrogeology. His book La playa de los inútiles (2019) presents a girl aged 11 who, when she is older, wants to be useless! The story stimulates a reflection regarding the relationship girls have with their families, with all the pressures of consumer society, and about the value of the things that are usually considered to be useless. This book is particularly valid given our experiences of confinement. Alex Nogués invited us to get to know the book and look at the themes it deals with, as well as to take part in a simple literary group workshop that explores the emotions and truths of each participant and of the group.

For children aged 9 to 12

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19 October

HF1- 09:00 (GMT-5) Hay Festivalito Digital Stage 

My first book on economics, savings and investment. With María Jesús Soto

María Jesús Soto (Spain) has long experience of over 25 years offering educational activities at different institutions, both public and private, as well as workshops and media-focussed events. Since December 2014 she has been working in the financial sector, specifically as a managing partner at the Leon office of Andbank. Since 2010 she has also run the financial information website elinversorinquieto.es. She is the author of various publications and articles regarding financial matters and investment including Mi primer libro de economía, ahorro e inversión, Mi primer viaje al mundo de la empresa y los emprendedores and Mis primeras elecciones: Sector público y sistemas de gobierno, which are part of the Basic Financial Education project, an initiative that is supplemented with activities, resources and games on the website: www.educacionfinancierabasica.com. She has been the President of the Mexican company W&P Independent Advisors since September 2015. Since January 2017 she has been the Chair of the María Jesús Soto Foundation, which is dedicated to building an economic-financial and basic entrepreneurship culture. At this event, the author shared Mi primer libro de economía, ahorro e inversión with children and young people.

This video contains material already published in the educational platform called Educación Financiera Básica: www.educacionfinancierabasica.com

Ages 8 and over

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