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Preserving culture is in our hands! Collaborate with the Hay Festival Peru Civil Association. We know that these are tough times, but they are also supportive times, as they bring out the best of us. If you can, help us to consolidate our actions and continue imagining a better world at the Hay Festival Arequipa and at the Hay Forums in Ayacucho and Moquegua.

We will inform, before a public notary, about the amount collected thanks to your donations, which, remember, are totally voluntary. For more information



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Soles: 215-2538309-0-00  CCI: 002 215 002538309 000 25

Dolars: 215-2509229-1-73   CCI: 002 215 002509229 173 28

Name: Asociación Civil Hay Festival Perú


Thank you for your donation, which will help us to secure the Festival in Perú, for future generations, to imagine the world as it is and as it might be.


For other ways to contribute philanthropically, please, also consider joining our Members and Benefactors team.

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