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Atmospheric photo of boat on a lakeMorgana Vargas Llosa exhibition

El País que imaginamos

The Special Bicentennial Project, attached to the Ministry of Culture, is responsible for designing and implementing the agenda to commemorate the Bicentennial of Independence and the birth of the Republic of Peru.

In this context, the photographic exhibiton El País que imaginamos was presented. Through the eyes of renowned Peruvian photographers, we together imagine the country we want to build and celebrate in the face of 2021.

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Morgana Vargas Llosa – Indomitable: A photographic journey

How to work on the peaks of the planet or face the challenges of the big city. How to overcome the aridity of a mountain or live with an endless river. The Peruvians reflected in these photographs show a will to survive in an imposing geography and in a challenging city. This trip through Peru reflects the tireless spirit of people who contribute to the development of their community, men and women who have challenged adversity to take root. If something defines the characters of these scenarios, where Peru shows its ferocious and exuberant beauty, it is a heroic desire to excel. With dignity and strength, the destiny of a country that also knows how to build and show hope is drawn.

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