Volunteers programme Hay Festival Arequipa 2019

The Hay Festival is pleased to invite culture lovers to participate in the volunteers program Hay Arequipa 2019, which offers the opportunity to develop their teamwork skills, approach great international exponents of literature and art and gain experience. 


The Hay Festival Arequipa will take place from November 7 to 10. You must attend the meetings prior to the festival and be completely available during the festival.


Logistics at venues: This team is the public face of the festival. The team receives attendees and participants at the locations where the events will take place, oversees that the agenda at each venue is carried out as planned, serves as backstage support before the events, and accompanies at book signings afterwards.

Hosts: The hosts are the bridge between the festival team and the participants who require assistance, whether due to age, language or the demands of their agenda (they are usually international guests). They are in charge of receiving, accompanying, orienting and informing the participants about the events and activities they will carry out.

Airport Hosts: They welcome guests at the airport and often accompany them to their hotels if required, preferably fluent in one or more languages.

Press and Media Team: The festival has a busy media agenda, so media volunteers ensure that meetings and interaction between the media and festival participants flow as efficiently as possible. Literature knowledge, likes to read and learn, English proficiency, good writing and no problem moving from one place to another. Full-time availability.

Punctuality, kindness and responsibility.

Photography Team: The photography team is in charge of supporting with the photographic record during the event, this material will be uploaded to networks or will serve as back up for reports, etc.

Note: For the call of the other volunteers, it is requested a relevant knowledge in the technical handling of reflex or mirrorless cameras, a lens of 35 or 50 mm 2.0 aperture/ tele lens of 200 to 300 mm / wide zoom lens of 18 mm to 105 mm, TTL flash.

There will be a technical casting for volunteers who are willing to participate.

Production Team: The production team is in charge of supervising the technical part of the venues, riders, contents, etc.

  • Coordinate with production on the organization of events

  • Elaborate the work schedule of the events to be executed in a concerted way with the technical areas, the suppliers, the logistic area and other areas involved in its organization or execution

  • Program, execute and make available all the necessary resources for the organization of the event (design, decoration, audiovisual resources, registration, catering, among others) required by the user areas

  • Coordinate with various suppliers of products or services required for the events

  • Prepare reports of events, best practices and lessons learned

Social Media or Network Team: This team is in charge of the audiovisual content during the festival on social networks.

- Super creative and proactive

- Excellent spelling and writing

- Basic knowledge of photography

- Use of design and video tools such as Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere


We will be pleased to welcome people of all ages with the best readiness to work as a team, face new challenges and contribute to the good atmosphere of Hay. To apply for the volunteers program, send your CV to infoperu@hayfestival.com


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