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Judi Dench and Brendan O'Hea

In a year when more voters than ever in history will head to the polls as at least 64 countries hold their elections, we present a programme to bring people together, respectfully exploring different perspectives and the power of storytelling to unite us.

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Daily News Review

In this election year, start your day with analysis and insights on the morning’s top stories. Join our leading journalists and special guests as they take us behind the headlines.

Debut Discoveries

Be the first to hear new novelists and their work, paired in conversation with established writers, every day of the Festival. This is our selection of future award-winners.

Hay Festival Green

Each day we convene experts in interactive events to propose bold solutions to the climate emergency. Find out more about Hay Festival Green.

Lviv BookForum

Support Ukrainian storytelling in our events co-curated with Ukraine’s biggest book festival, part of our global partnership.

South to South Conversations

Co-curated by our teams in Mexico, Colombia and Peru, these conversations spotlight the shared issues – and solutions – facing the Global South.

Sports Day

To mark this Olympic year, we present our first ever Sports Day on Wednesday 29 May. Worlds collide as leading creatives join sports stars for a showcase of creative talent. Find out more about Sports Day 2024.

Thinkers in Residence

Four great minds convene artists and innovators to tackle the biggest issues facing the world today. Find out more about our 2024 Thinkers in Residence.

University Lectures

Expand your mind with the latest thinking from our university partners, sharing the best research, science and ideas.


Exploring storytelling beyond the page, daily events showcase artists innovating in film, TV and on stage. 

The Platform

The Platform aims to help promote, support and develop outstanding young creative artists who are at the start of their careers. Find out more about The Platform.

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