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Hay Festival Colombia took place from 21 to 30 of January 2022, with events in the cities of Cartagena de Indias, Medellín and Jericó. You are currently browsing the digital programme of the festival.

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Event 11

Brigitte Baptiste in conversation with Juliana Gutiérrez

Sustainable and ecological development for the rural world

 Teatro Santa María (Jericó)

The development of rural areas is key to improving the opportunities and quality of life of their inhabitants, but it is something that has to be done with an environmental, sustainable perspective. The scientist and thinker Brigitte Baptiste (Colombia), Rector of Ean University and a regular contributor to media outlets such as La República, directed the Humboldt Institute for many years and is an authority on the management and care of Colombia’s incredible biodiversity. Baptiste talks to Juliana Gutierrez about how this development can be done.

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Event 12

Carl Langebaek in conversation with María del Rosario Escobar

Before Colombia

 Museo de Arte Religioso (Jericó)

Why is so little known about Colombia’s pre-Columbian history? Carl Henrik Langebaek presents a work that challenges the limits of what we thought we knew about the Colombian territory before the arrival of the Spanish. This Colombian anthropologist and archaeologist lectures at the University of the Andes’ Department of Anthropology and is the author of more than a dozen books. His most recent title is Antes de Colombia. Los primeros 14.000 años (2021), a fascinating and unparalleled exploration of the cultures that populated what is now Colombia before the Spanish conquest. Starting with the hunter-gatherer stage of this land’s inhabitants, exploring a deep past that has so often been ignored, Langebaek travels through more than 14,000 years to give us a much more complete view of what we are today as a country. He will talk to María del Rosario Escobar.

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Event 13

Pilar Quintana in conversation with Marta Nebot

Los abismos

 Teatro Santa María (Jericó)

The Colombian writer Pilar Quintana talks about her latest book, Los abismos, winner of the 2021 Alfaguara Novel Prize. Los abismos is a shocking tale in which a daughter takes on her mother’s revelations and her father’s silences to begin building her own world. The author will be in conversation with the journalist Marta Nebot.

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Event 14

Pablo Montoya in conversation with Karim Ganem Maloof

La sombra de Oriente

 Museo de Arte Religioso (Jericó)

Pablo Montoya (Colombia) is the author of six novels and several books of essays, poems and short stories. He has been awarded a number of outstanding literary awards, such as the 2015 Rómulo Gallegos Prize for his powerful Tríptico de la infamia, the 2016 José Donoso Prize and the 2017 José María Arguedas Prize for Fiction. His most recent novel is La sombra de Orión which tells the story of Pedro Cadavid, a university lecturer who returns to Medellin, disillusioned after many years in Paris, to reunite with his city just after Operation Orion, a military intervention in District 13 that left many dead and missing. Cadavid reflects in horror on the hypocrisy, indifference and cruelty of the reality around him. Montoya talks about his latest book with Karim Ganem Maloof.

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