Hay Festival Forum Moquegua, Peru

The Hay Festival in Peru announces with enthusiasm the first Hay Forum Moquegua, the afternoon of Wednesday, November 6 and the morning of Thursday, November 7, thanks to the sponsorship of AngloAmerican and the collaboration of the Regional Government of Moquegua, the Provincial Municipality Mariscal Nieto, and cultural agents and media. All events will be held in the Auditorio del Centro Cultural Santo Domingo.

Plaza Moquegua

Wednesday 6 November

15:00 - 16:00

Transforming lives through literature. Antonio Ortiz in conversation with Emperatriz Vizcarra

Antonio Ortiz (Colombia) studied English Literature at the University of Arkansas (United States) and did a Master's in Applied Linguistics at the University of Victoria (Canada). He has taught Literature at Colombian schools for almost two decades. He is the writer of the young adult novels Maleducada (2015), La extraña en mí (2016) and Lo que nunca te dije (2018), a story about the inseparable siblings Laura and Camilo, whose family life is transformed by Camilo's growing addiction to drugs. He will talk about his work with the theater-woman and cultural manager Emperatriz Vizcarra.

16:30 - 17:30

To be a teenager, to be human. Nando López 

Nando López (Spain) is a novelist, playwright and author of several works of children's and youth literature, among which are La edad de la ira and Los nombres del fuego. In this talk he will talk with the public -parents, teachers and teenagers- about themes of his recently published youth novels Nadie nos oyeEn las redes del miedo and La foto de los 10.000 me gusta, as well as the plays #malditos16 and Nunca pasa nada, where it addresses the reality of the youth of the 21st century. 

18:00 - 19:00

Educational policies for a new generation. Nelson Vallejo- Gómez
The Colombian-French philoshoper Nelson Vallejo-Gómez, Secretary General of the French National Council for Education; and close advisor of the French Minister of Education and Youth, Jean Michel Blanquer, who will talk about "the scientific contribution in the educational policies",  a neccesary topic to redirect the guidelines of the Peruvian education system in the current political situation and explore topics of interest not only for the issuers of knowledge, but especially for the recipients: the students.

19:30 - 20:30

Vizcarra. Rafaella Leon in conversation with Omar Benites Delgado and Víctor Casanova
The Peruvian journalist Rafaella León highlights details of the personal history and personality of the current president of Peru, the civil engineer Martín Vizcarra, from her meetings with Vizcarra himself, his friends and detractors. The jump from being the President of the Regional Government of Moquegua to becoming the leader of the republic, his apparent low profile which is contrasted with an insurmountable obstinacy, and the callenges of inheriting political power in a country plagued by corruption are put on paper in the book Vizcarra. Retrato de un poder en construcción. In conversation with Omar Benites Delgado and Víctor Casanova.

Thursday, November 7

09:00 - 10:00

Taking care of the planet's diversity. Michael Way in conversation with Hibert Huaylla

Michael Way is a British ecologist with extensive experience in plant and seed conservation. Since 1992 he is part of the Kew Gardens (UK) team, where he works in The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership and coordinates several alliances for the plant conservation in America. He develops various projects and shares his expertise knowledge in sampling and conservation of genetic resources in Canada, United States, Mexico and the Andean region. He will talk to Hibert Huaylla about new ways to preserve biodiveristy and take care of the planet.

Coorganised with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

09:30 - 10:30

Ethics for the machines. José Ignacio Latorre in conversation with Omar Flórez

José Ignacio Latorre is considered to be one of the foremost Spanish physicists in the field of quantum physics for his crucial contributions to field theory and quantum entanglement. He is one of the founders and Coordinating Manager of the Benasque Pedro Pascual Science Centre and is also Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Barcelona. He talks about his latest book, Ética para máquinas, which seeks to offer guidance in the difficult task of developing an ethics for science in the 21st century. He talks to Omar Flórez. 

12:30 - 13:30

New technologies for the XXI Century: Artificial intelligence. Omar Flórez

This prominent Peruvian scientist, educator and researcher into artificial intelligence at Capital One implements algorithms to enable dialogue between machines and humans. In this lecture, he will talk to us about the latest news and research in this important area, what the future holds for artificial intelligence, and the ethical dilemmas involved, as well as the doubts that exist about implementing such a sophisticated technology.

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