The Hay 30 – Eric NGALLE CHARLES

Eric Ngalle Charles was born in Cameroon. It has taken him over sixteen years to be able to write about the various incidents that took place in Wovilla, Cameroon that made him leave his village. In doing so, he became a victim of human trafficking and ended up with a one-way student visa to Russia instead of Belgium.

Eric is a writer, poet and playwright, and runs Black Entertainment Wales, an Arts organisation that provides a platform for artists in the BMEs communities to showcase their work. He has edited and published Between a Mountain and a Sea, Soft Touch, Nobody’s Perfect, and Festival of the Wolves – poetry anthologies by refugees, other migrants and indigenous artists in collaboration with Hafan books and Dr Tom Chessman. My first play, My Mouth Brought Me Here, was showcased at Encampment in London Southbank. It is a play based around my poetry and an Old West African Proverb and it explores the themes of migration, language, freedom of expression and dictatorship.
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Hay Festival 2017

Eric Ngalle Charles, Chantal Erraoui, Hannah Lloyd, Elena Carys and Joe Tweedle

Play: My Mouth Brought Me Here

Hay Festival 2017, 

Deep in a forest, a hunter comes across a skull, he steps on the skull and the skull speaks saying, “My mouth brought me here”. Based on an African proverb, the piece features a power-hungry rule, a wise sage and a courageous hunter. In a world where telling the truth has become a game, no one knows the rules. This is a rare chance to hear Eric narrate his poetry in a solo production of the piece. The production is brought to life with live music and enchanting story telling. Directed by Peter Scott for 3 Crate Productions and written by Eric Ngalle Charles. Following the show, Ngalle will talk to Owen Sheers.

In association with PEN Cymru Wales