Illustrators in Residence

Each year at Hay Festival and at Hay Festival Winter Weekend, an Illustrator in Residence live draws a selection of events. In 2022 Tom Etherington brought his striking graphic approach to illustrating the Festival. Hay Festival 2021 saw artist Tom Bradshaw's intricate caricature-style drawings, and Hay Festival Winter Weekend 2021 inspired the colourful work of Beth Blandford.

Enjoy the illustrations and find out more about our illustrators...
Tom Etherington: Deckchair
Tom Etherington: Bunting

Tom Etherington

Tom is a graphic designer based in London, specialising in design for print. Former designer at Penguin Press, where he designed book covers and illustrated books, he also art directed the biannual magazine The Happy Reader.

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Tom Bradshaw illustration for Hay Festival 2021
Beth Blandford illustration for Hay Festival Winter Weekend 2021

Tom Bradshaw

Tom is an illustrator from Huddersfield, who captures conversations through illustration and sketchnotes.

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Beth Blandford

Beth is a Welsh illustrator from Cardiff whose work centres around concepts of space: our physical and mental space, the space we steal, the space we inherit, and the spaces we choose to inhabit. She is heavily influenced by feminism and the conversations around it. 

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