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Tickets for Hay Festival Segovia, 19-22 September 2019, on sale now.

Event 41

Juan Garaizábal


– Venue: Huerta de Félix Ortiz

Multifaceted creator, plastic artist, sculptor, engraver Garaizábal has experimented with video art and installations. His works, sculptural and light structures exploring missing architectural elements, are exhibited in the garden of Felix Ortiz. He uses his own techniques from metalwork, carpentry, electricity and masonry. 

For the inauguration of this exhibition, a concert offered by the Prosegur Foundation will be presented, in collaboration with the Albéniz Foundation, in which students from the Reina Sofía Music School will perform.

If it rains, the concert will be moved to Casa de la Moneda.

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Event 42

Coexistence in Europe: past, present and future


– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Sala Capitular

EUNIC Spain, Network of European Cultural Institutes, has organized this round table under the concept of "Coexistence in Europe: past, present and future" in which, through the meeting, the authors will discuss the issues of diversity and coexistence nowadays.


The first round table organized by EUNIC Spain will feature European writers: Dorota Masłowska (Wejherowo, Poland), "enfant terrible" of Polish literature, essayist, composer, singer and one of the most acclaimed and awarded voices of contemporary European dramaturgy. Representative of "the bridge generation", her childhood was marked by the fall of communism and a wave of Western consumer culture. Sarah Hall, translated into more than a dozen languages ​​and considered one of the 20 best young writers of 2013 by Granta, is a multi-award-winning writer of five novels including Haweswater (Commonwealth Writers Award 2013 for Best First Novel), and The Electric Michelangelo (Finalist of the Man Booker Awards, Prix Femina Etranger and Commonwealth Writers Prize). Chaired by Marta del Riego.

Event in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.


The second round table organized by EUNIC Spain will feature two European authors: Radka Denemarková (Kutná Hora, Czech Republic), Czech novelist, playwright, screenwriter, translator and essayist who received the Magnesia Litera prize for best prose work of the year in the Czech Republic and the Usedom Literature Prize and Georg Dehio in Germany, and Michael Krüger (Wittgendorf, Germany), editor and indispensable figure of the European literary scene, as well as one of the most outstanding contemporary writers in the German language. He is the author of stories, novels, translations and several collections of poetry. Moderated by Marta del Riego.

Event in German with simultaneous translation into Spanish

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Event 43

Lars Lerup In Conversation with Ricardo Devesa


– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Refectorio

Lars Lerup, Swedish architect, worldwide expert on cities, former Dean of the prestigious RICE School of Architecture in Texas, author of books such as The Continuous City discusses how modern cities evolve with Ricardo Devesa, architect and currently editor-in-chief at Actar Publishers and UrbanNext, an online global network aimed at rethinking architecture through the contemporary urban milieu. 

Event in English with simultaneous translation to Spanish
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Event 44

Alexandre Vidal Porto in conversation with Lorenzo de’ Medici


– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Aula Magna
The diplomat Alexandre Vidal Porto is a Harvard-trained lawyer, human rights activist, author and columnist for leading Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. Vidal Porto discusses the shifts in the human rights landscape in an era of increased transgender acceptability through examples in literature. He will share the stage with Lorenzo de’ Medici, current Renaissance, author of a large number of books and radio journalist.
Event in Spanish
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Event 45

Film: Rengaine

Ciclo de cine EUNIC

– Venue: La Cárcel Cinemateca

Paris, today. A young Christian black man wants to marry Sabrina, a young Maghrebi. But Sabrina has forty brothers and this marriage crystallizes a taboo very present in the mentalities of the two communities: marriage between blacks and Arabs is not possible. Slimane, the elder brother, guardian of the traditions, will oppose this union by all possible means.

Director: Rachid Djaidani. 2012. Duration: 75 min.

O.V. in French with subtitles in Spanish
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Event 47

British Council School Orchestra Concert

– Venue: Plaza San Martín

The British Council School’s Big Band returns this year to offer a festive and eclectic program that will pay tribute to the great successes of film music such as the soundtracks of the Pink Panther and Star Wars or the iconic song Over the rainbow. Do not miss this unique and free outdoor concert.

In case of rain, the event moves to la Alhóndiga, same schedule.

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Event 46

Literary creation workshop CELA and Escuela de Escritores


– Venue: Biblioteca Pública de Segovia, Sala 1

The CELA project (Connecting Emerging Literary Authors), funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union, aims to connect the new literary talents of Europe and promote the dissemination and translation of their work in the different European languages. 

Come and learn the tricks of the writers’ trade. In this workshop given by Roberto Osa we will work on how to improve your stories.

Event in English
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Event 48

Kazuyo Sejima in conversation with Martha Thorne and László Baán

The 2010 Pritzker Prize-winning partnership Sanaa on the changing role of museums

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Refectorio
2010 Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Kazuyo Sejima - a founding partner of Japanese architecture studio SANAÁ – has attained international acclaim for the clarity of vision and impacting simplicity in the design of her work such as the New Art Museum in NY or The 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa. She also discusses the upcoming project New National Gallery for Budapest with László Baán, Director General of the National Gallery, Budapest and Ministerial Commissioner of the Liget Budapest Project, and with Martha Thorne, Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.
Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish
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Event 49

30 years of Loewe’s prize


– Venue: Biblioteca Pública de Segovia, Auditorio

Fundación Loewe and its International Poetry Prize celebrate their 30th birthday. For three decades they have been drawing the map of contemporary poetry in Spanish, commemorated within the documentary POESÍA eres tú, a work produced by Fundación Dadá Films and directed by Charlie Arnáiz and Alberto Ortega. The film offers a plural vision of the current Spanish poetry scene through the voices of the jury and the Premio LOEWE´s list of winners.

After the screening of the documentary, the winner of the 30th edition of the prize, Ben Clark, and Antonio Lucas, winner of 2013 edition, will read a selection of their poems. Sheila Loewe, Director of Loewe Foundation, chairs the event.

Event in Spanish
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Event 50

Opening with guided tour


– Venue: Capilla Museo Esteban Vicente

The exhibition gathers together a line-up of the most internationally prestigious Dutch artists and designers, who prove the cutting-edge nature of Dutch creativity. Works by the following artists, among others, are listed: Piet Hein Eek. Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, Ineke Hans, Renny Ramakers y Gijs Bakker. Curator: Elizabeth Grüninger.

Event in Spanish
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Event 51

EUNIC Spain in Plaza San Martín


– Venue: Plaza San Martín

Let us celebrate Europe as a place of coexistence and a home, celebrate its cultures and language differences, celebrate that we are here and now. Let's celebrate. Plaza San Martín de Segovia is the perfect venue, a square that will become the nerve centre of a spectacular fiesta on the 21st. Please come at 8pm to join and add your voices to those of very diverse European authors: some already superstars, others on the way to becoming so. Authorities and institutional representatives will also participate in this open-air session that promises to leave its mark through the richest and most diverse European readings and sounds. It is about enjoying an unparalleled cultural and linguistic journey that will allow you to hear in Segovia voices from other places, but also give voice to those who normally do not have a voice. Listen to Europe. Join us!

Readings are launched by the Mayor of Segovia, Doña Clara Luquero.

The ceremony is conducted by the writer José Félix Valdivieso, who will introduce each reader in charge of reading a poem or a one-minute text in their native language, which will be immediately translated into Spanish. The participants are, among others: Dorota Masłowska (Poland), Sarah Hall (United Kingdom), Radka Denemarková (Czech Republic), Michael Krüger (Germany), Alexandre Vidal Porto (Brazil),  Boris Izaguirre (Venezuela), Maurizio Amendola (Italy), Paula Caballero (Spain); Lotte Lentes (The Netherlands), Irene de la Torre (Spain), João Valente (Portugal), Lara Carrión (Spain), Livia Franchini (Italy), Catalin Pavel (Romania), Corina Oproae, Rebekka de Wit, (Belgium), Guillermo Briz, Lorenzo de Medici (Italy), Inma Flor (Spain), Raquel Garcia Barobs (Spain), Leons Briedis (Latvia), Dylan Moore (United Kingdom), Charlotte van den Broeck (Belgium), Ben Clark (Spain), Ludovic Assemat y Christina Ward, who will close the reading session. 

*Activities by EUNIC Spain in HAY Festival are part of the European Week of Languages 2018 programme, which will continue from the 26th to the 29th of September in Madrid.

More information:

In case of rain, the event is moved to the Alhóndiga, the schedule will remain the same.
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Event 52

Javier Sierra in conversation with Ana Gavín

The Winner of the Planeta Award

– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

The journalist, writer and researcher Sierra attained international recognition for his 2004 novel La cena secreta (The Secret Supper) which has been published in 42 countries and made it to the Top Ten of the New York Times Best Seller list – a first for a Spaniard. He talks to Ana Gavín, Director of Fundación Jose Manuel Lara, about his latest novel El fuego invisible for which he received the Planeta Award in 2017.

Event in Spanish
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Event 54

Walter Mariotti in conversation with Jacob Benbunan


– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Refectorio

Walter Mariotti, Editorial Director of the worldwide leading architecture magazine, DOMUS converse on the impact of design in our daily lives and its narrative with Jacob Benbunan, an authority on international branding  and the CEO of Saffron Brand Consultants which he founded with Wally Olins in 2001.

Simultaneous translation from English to Spanish
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Event 55

Screening: My Beautiful Laundrette

Introduced by Hanif Kureishi

– Venue: La Cárcel Cinemateca

An extraordinary love story written by the novelist Hanif Kureshi, which earned him an Oscar nomination. Omar, a young Pakistani who lives in London, starts running his uncle's laundry with the help of an old classmate, Johnny, now a delinquent punk. Their open relationship and love will scandalize the families involved.

Scriptwriter Hanif Kureishi will give a ten-minute introduction to the film, with consecutive translation from English into Spanish.

Director: Stephen Frears. Script: Hanif Kureishi. 1985. Duration: 97 mins.

O.V. in English with subtitles in Spanish
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Event 56

Julianne Pachico and Sarah Hall in conversation with Ludovic Assémat

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Sala Capitular

Translated into more than a dozen languages and considered one of the 20 best young writers of 2013 by Granta, Sarah Hall (The Wolf Border, Madame Zero, The Beautiful indifference, The Electric Michelangelo) is a multi-award-winning novelist. Julianne Pachico (The Lucky Ones, The Tourists) is one of the great promises of British literature. Her first novel was finalist for the Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year award. Both share love and talent for short novels.

Event in English with simultaneous translation to Spanish
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Event 57

Carlos Aganzo, Michael Krüger, Belén Ferrier, Dylan Moore, Ben Clark, Matthijs van Bonzel and Alexandre Vidal Porto


– Venue: Jardín Romeral de San Marcos
In this new edition of My Own and Others’ -a cycle of readings aloud that reaches its ninth edition at Hay Festival Segovia- Carlos Aganzo, Michael Krüger, Belén Ferrier, Dylan Moore, Radka Denemarková, Ben Clark, Matthijs van Bonzel, José Félix Valdivieso, Christina Ward, Dorota Maslowska and Alexandre Vidal Porto (Brazil) read eitheir their own texts or from work by their favourite authors during the walk through the corners of the Garden of Romeral de San Marcos. 

In case of rain, the event is moved to the Alhóndiga, same schedule.

Event with readings in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Welsh, Czech, Polish and Spanish
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Event 58

Scott Hartley, Enrique Dans in conversation with Marta Garcia Aller


– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Aula Magna

Venture capitalist, ex Google, Facebook, and Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Scott Hartley the author of the bestseller “The Fuzzy & the Techie” is a strong believer in the human skills necessary in a digital world; Enrique Dans, professor, influencer, blogger and digital transformation expert studies the effects of technology on people, businesses and society. They talk to Marta Garcia Aller, journalist, professor and Spanish writer, author of the recent book “El fin del mundo tal y como lo conocemos”.

Event in English with simultaneous translation to Spanish
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Event 59

Storytel Workshop


– Venue: Biblioteca Municipal Casa de la Lectura, Sala Roja
Santiago Roncagliolo and Ana Alonso, director of El Gran Apagón, in conversation with Javier Celaya, General Director of Storytel Spain and Latin America. 
With 500 new exclusive drama series in 2018, what is the secret ingredient for attracting the public? Culture and entertainment, are they compatible? An interesting debate about the narrative power of serial stories and the fight for the audiences onscreen.
Event in Spanish
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Event 60

Sculpture Workshop


– Venue: Real Casa de la Moneda

The sculptor approaches the process of his work in a workshop at the Forge of the Royal House of La Moneda de Segovia. Workshop of one hour and 15 minutes duration.

Event in Spanish
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Event 61

Connecting Emerging Literary Artists

CELA kick-off European tour

– Venue: Campus de Santa Cruz la Real, IE University, Refectorio

How do writers find a soul mate to represent their work in another language? CELA is an initiative that addresses this. Writer and translator share the stage and reveal the joys and sorrows of telling the same story in a different way. Three emerging writers. Three emerging translators. Each writer reads in their own language and their Spanish translator reads in Spanish. Jaime Bartolomé will talk with them in English and Spanish about their work and the bridging the gaps between European makers and the public. Group 1: Maurizio Amendola (Italy), translator Paula Caballero; Lotte Lentes (The Netherlands), translator Irene de la Torre; João Valente (Portugal), translator Lara Carrión. Group 2: Livia Franchini (Italy), translator Paula Caballero; Catalin Pavel (Romania), translator Corina Oproae; Rebekka de Wit, (Belgium), the translator Guillermo Briz.

Event in several languages with consecutive translation to Spanish. The moderator talks in English with simultaneous translation to Spanish.
This event has taken place

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