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Hay Festival Segovia, 19–22 September 2019, has now ended. Thanks for joining us! You can watch and listen again on Hay Player.


Event 1

Visual Arts and Performance in the Square

– Venue: Tourist Office (Santa Columba), Acueducto de Segovia

Hay Festival Segovia opens with a tour of the visual arts exhibitions curated for the Festival (which will occupy the most iconic locations in the town during September), in a popular admission-free celebration throughout the whole day. The meeting point is the Tourist Office (Santa Columba), next to Segovia’s aqueduct, for a live performance by Ricardo Cárdenas involving the installation of his aluminium structure called ‘Cloud’ in a public space.

The Palacio Quintanar then opens its doors to show a selection of video art curated by Kate Cox about fashion and sustainability, brought by the British Council (more information here), and a photography exhibition, ‘The Faces of Time’, by Ricardo Martín, curated by Elvira Lindo.

At 5pm the Casa de la Moneda launches the exhibition ‘Trafalgar: The Journey’ by Daniel Parra, which provides a new perspective on one of the most important events in history.

At 7.45pm, ‘Pictorial Expanding Intervention’ will launch at Plaza San Martín; an exhibition by Alberto Reguera, a well-known international artist from Segovia whose works are included in collections around the world. He will carry out a live, pictorial performance of one of his three-dimensional abstract landscape paintings. While the performance is taking place, audiences will witness a dialogue between music and art, accompanied on the piano by Jorge Nava, star of the 2019 Maria Canals International Piano Competition. Once the performance has concluded, Alberto Reguera will talk to journalist and writer Aurelio Martín about influences on his art, especially the landscape of Castile. For more information visit

The event finale takes place at 9.15pm, with ‘Poets in the Square’. National Poetry Award winner Ángela Segovia and Antonio Lucas, LOEWE Poetry Award winner, talk to journalist Jesús Ruiz Mantilla. For more information visit

In the event of rain, the concert will be moved to the Alhóndiga. The start time will remain the same.

Annie Leibovitz Photo ©: Ricardo Martín

Alberto Reguera Photo ©: Nerea Serrano

Jorge Nava Photo ©: Michal

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Event 4

Baroque Concert: LOOKING BACK


A concert of Spanish Baroque music, with a trio of Spanish guitar/lute, baroque guitar/archlute and brass and with a varied programme ranging from the Renaissance to the 21st century, directed by German musician Andreas Prittwitz. Prittwitz explores the relationship between ancient music (Renaissance and Baroque) and Romantic music (Chopin) and jazz.

Andreas Prittwitz: saxophones, clarinet and pan flutes. Antonio Toledo: Spanish guitar. Ramiro Morales: archilaúd and baroque guitar.

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Event 9

James Rhodes in conversation with Jesús Ruiz Mantilla

Music Saved Me

– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

English pianist and writer James Rhodes captured international attention following the publication of his book Instrumental, a bestseller in which he recounts how he suffered abuse during his childhood. He explains how the psychological injuries dragged into adulthood and how music has saved him in his darkest moments. He moved to Spain four years ago and is happy here. Following the success of Instrumental he published How to Play the Piano. He travels the world putting on concerts in which he interweaves comments about his personal experiences with performing works of classical music. He will talk about his career and music with writer and journalist Jesús Ruiz Mantilla.

Photo ©: Felipe Romero
Event in Spanish
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Event 22

Voices in the Square

– Venue: Plaza San Martín

Plaza San Martín will be the epicentre of this celebration as it once again plays host to a popular evening party. The celebrations will surprise visitors with their energy and happiness. Master of ceremony Jan Box.

7.30pm: First readings alternating with music from across the world, in collaboration with the Music Club of IE University and representatives from IE Foundation Humanities Prizes. Participating artists include Nnamdi Ehirim (Nigeria), Bubelo Mlilo (Zimbabwe), Giedre Pavalkyte (Lithuania). 

7:45pm: The Spanish Center for Reprographic Rights (CEDRO) organizes a session of three readings to recognize the work of writers, in which the poet Rosana Acquaroni, the novelist Amelia Pérez de Villar, and the dramatist Pedro Víllora, will read a fragment of his work to value the author's creative work.

8:00pm: Basilio Sánchez, 2019 International Poetry Prize Winner of LOEWE Foundation will read a fragment from He heredado un nogal sobre la tumba de los reyes.

8:15pm: The event continues with readings and music from different parts of the world, in collaboration with the Music Club of IE University and representatives of the IE Foundation Humanities Awards. Artists like Daniel Bloch (Australia), Lucía Naveiro (Spain), Jack Straker (United Kingdom), Malak El Halabi (Lebanon), Jacob Axel Peter (Sweden), Gede Witsen (Bali), Gabrielle Isa (Nigeria), Ellie Sande (Ethiopia) and Sarah Rachel Westvik (Norway), Clare Chambers (United Kingdom), Guillermo Rodríguez (Spain), Benjamín Rosado (Spain) and Félix Losada (Spain).

9.30pm: Dutch creations take up the natural stage of the square with a captivated Crown by Aleia Roses, the church and its balconies for the closing ceremony, shaping a unique event dedicated to show the music and creators from the Netherlands. Readings in Dutch and Spanish by Jan William Box, that will read poems from Cees Nooteboom, Leonard Pfeijffer, Martius Nijhoff, Hugo Claus, among others, will establish a dialogue with the singer SAS joining into an alternative and original pop experience in an incomparable atmosphere among emblematic Castilian buildings and the intense red colour from the flowers. Own songs and covers in Spanish, English and Dutch, where Eurovision 2019 winning song by Duncan Lawrence will not be missed. SAS is a singer and songwriter born in Holland who provides acoustic performances. In 2008, thanks to a grant from AIE, she came to Spain to study flamenco singing in Fundación Cristina Heeren. There, she discovered her own voice and started to develop her music, composing, performing and recording her album Home.

Members of the audience and participants in the readings are invited to record themselves in a professional recording cabin located on Plaza Mayor. See event 29. Please register in advance at

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​In the event of rain, the event will be moved to La Alhóndiga, at the same scheduled time
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Event 39

Voices at the square

Readings, concerts and dance: My own and others’

– Venue: Plaza San Martín

San Martín Square will be the epicentre of this celebration after its success at last year’s Hay Festival Segovia. A series of readings and music will surprise audiences with their energy and joy.

39a. In case of rain, event 39a moves to the University of Valladolid, at the same time

Once again, the Big Band del British Council School will bring rhythm to the Saturday evening before giving way to:

7pm: My own and others’, Hay Festival Segovia’s proposal to promote reading and gather, in a place of communion and expression, voices renowned for their work and talent. In this edition, the readers of the series will be Ibero-American public figures. Let’s celebrate this space for thought, cohabitation and welcoming surroundings; let’s celebrate cultures. Let’s celebrate that we are here and now. The hosts of the Renfe’s train are Joaquín del Moral who will take these voices to Segovia and the General Director of Renfe Viajeros, Javier Díaz Trisac. The evening’s host will be journalist Ramón Arangüena, who will introduce each guest to read a poem or short text in this event coordinated by Laura VenturaThe Mayor of Segovia Clara Isabel Luquero de Nicolás, opens the reading. The UK Ambassador for Spain, Hugh Elliott, the Director of British Council, Mark HowardMiguel Ángel de Vicentel (President of Council of Segovia), José Mazarías (Territorial Delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León), José Luis Huertas (City Councillor of Segovia Townhall), Pablo Pérez (politician in Segovia Townhall), Alfonso Martín Gómez (General minister)and other authorities will dedicate us their readings too. Participants are, among others: Benjamin Ziff (diplomat), Pablo Jiménez Burillo (poet), Anna Grau (journalist and writer)Javier Rodríguez Marcos (poet), Luz Sánchez Mellado (journalist), Pablo Messiez (theater director, playwright), Gina Aguiar, Counselor of Culture of Segovia,  Ana Gavín (publisher), Andy Mackay (Director EU Europe, British Council), Renato Cisneros (writer)José Félix Valdivieso (poet), Beatriz Celaya (cultural manager), Alonso Ruiz Rosas (writer and diplomat), Ilze Barobs (educator), Ludovic Assémat (British Council), Cristina Ward (British Council), Belén Ferrier (artisan), Jair Leal (plastic artist), Cléo Costa (journalist), Javier Celaya (director of Dosdoce), Isabel Fuentes (writer), Gonzalo Figari (publicist), Ana Guijarro (consultant), Beltrán Gambier (lawyer), Andrea Tenuta (actress), Ronald Muzzangue Muzz (social anthropologist), Noelia Noto (actress), Santiago Herrero (diplomat), Laura Bautista (manager), Javier Gila (president of the NGO AIDA), Idoia Cantolla (cultural manager), Gervasio Posadas (writer), Nani Mosquera (draftswoman), Marta del Riego (writer), Luis Besa (journalist), Carlos Aganzo (poet), Lisbeth Salas (photographer), Clara Paolini (journalist), Ana Corroto (book seller), Selena Millares (writer, professor), Almudena Ballester (writer translator), Elizabeth Gruninger (interior designer), Laura Garrido (journalist), Marta Villegas (writer), Marella Paramatti (cultural manager), Celia Ayllón (blogger), Laura Arache (consultant), Jesús Vigorra (journalist), Javier Olivera (cinema director), Guillermo Solana (curator),​ ​Oliva Arauna​ ​(curator and gallerist), Ricardo Cárdenas (plastic artist), Mar Sancho (manager), Carlos Malamud (historian), Ainhoa Sánchez (manager), Jesús Nieto (journalist), Olga Cuadrado (manager), Alberto Giovanetti (diplomat), Violeta Medina (filmaker and poet), Marife Santiago Bolaños (poet), Agustín García Matilla (professor),Paulina Martínez (writer), Kris Rocha (singer, who will participate with her reading and songs), and Emilio Gilolmo (Hay Festival Vice-President), in charge of closing the readings. 

8.30pm: Kris Rocha, a Brazilian participant in the Festival de San Sebastián, comes to Segovia to communicate her passion for Brazilian music. Musicians from the Music Club of IE University will perform songs from their countries and others, in a great music party without borders. With Giulia Carmago (Brazil), Gilles de Trazegnies and Alejandro Sansour (Peru), Irene Delgado (Guatemala), and Paula Molina (Colombia).

39b. In case of rain, event 39b moves to La Alhondiga, at the same time

Ready to dance? The literary dance will return this year to the sound of Latin American rhythms, alternating readings and dancing steps for everyone. 

10.15pm: As a grand finale, the festival welcomes Inua Ellams to Segovia, one of the most multi-talented and acclaimed artists in the United Kingdom. The poet, playwright, performer, graphic artist and designer will be the host with the actor Nacho Aldeguer of a great R.A.P. (Rhythm and Poetry) party where young authors from different nationalities (including Bubelo Mlilo from Zimbabwe among other artists) will perform literary works influenced by Urban culture, with a soundtrack Hip Hop style. 

Audience and participants are invited to record themselves in a professional recording cabin located at Plaza Mayor. See event 29 for further information. Please register in advance at

Special offer for Hay Festival Segovia assistants and friends: 30 days free trial of Storytel

Event in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
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Event 56

Christina Rosenvinge with Bob Pop


– Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

In her book Debut, singer-songwriter Christina Rosenvinge collects more than twenty-five years of songs. She journeys through the places, the stories and the reflections that underlie her lyrics. They are testimonies of the commitment to, as well as the uncertainty that precedes, each project; reflections on love, freedom and feminine power; in short, a portrait of the moments that intersect life and which would be destined to oblivion if it were not for the electric spark of a song that keeps them alive. In this book, she reveals the literary, musical and artistic references that have influenced her work. She will be in conversation with writer and critic Bob Pop.

Photo ©: Pablo Zamora
Event in Spanish
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