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Event J9

Pedro Adrián Zuluaga and Sergio Vila-Sanjuán in conversation with María del Rosario Escobar

My culture(s). Local Identities

 Sede Digital Jericó

The journalist and film critic Pedro Adrián Zuluaga is the author of the recent Qué es ser antioqueño, a book that explores the complexities of Antioquian culture, showing its wealth and diversity, seeking to depart from certain stereotypes and offering an overview of its realities. The Spanish writer and journalist Sergio Vila-Sanjuán has published several books, many of which are related to the world of literature and journalism, including his second novel, Estaba en el aire, with which he won the 2013 Nadal Novel Prize. He is also the author of books about journalism and Catalan- and Spanish-language culture. They will talk to María del Rosario Escobar, Director of the Museum of Antioquia.

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Event CA3

Rosa Montero talks about La buena suerte

Coffee with a writer

 Sede Digital Jericó

At this event we will share a lovely Jerico-style coffee with Rosa Montero and we will talk about her most recent book, La buena suerte, a novel whose protagonists are Pablo and Raluca, who meet in a cursed village. Pablo is fleeing from something undefined and Raluca possesses a secret. The novel’s intriguing dynamic envelops the reader, along with its reflections on fear, longing, desire and notions of good and evil. An intimate encounter between readers and the author, moderated by Ana Cristina Restrepo.

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Event J10

Brigitte Baptiste and Ignacio Piedrahíta in conversation with Tatiana Pardo

Caring for our environment, biodiversity and ecology

 Sede Digital Jericó

If there is something that the recent and ongoing crisis has taught us it is the vital importance of the environment, our home, and caring for it in order to ensure that people can lead full and abundant lives. The scientist and thinker Brigitte Baptiste (Colombia), Rector of the EAN University and regular contributor to media such as La República, was at the head of the Humboldt Institute for many years and is an authority on the management and care of Colombia’s incredible biodiversity. The writer Ignacio Piedrahíta, a geologist and novelist, brings the two fields together in his books, with published novels that include Un mar and the books of travel writing Al oído de la cordillera and Grávido río. His book La verdad de lo ríos, a work published together with the national Truth Commission, talks about the importance of rivers for communities, as well as about their history and development. They will talk to Tatiana Pardo.

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Event CL2

Sara Jaramillo Klinkert will talk about Cómo maté a mi padre

Reading club

 Sede Digital Jericó

Sara Jaramillo Klinkert will talk about her most recent book, Cómo maté a mi padre, a striking novel about the death of the author’s father, killed by contract killers in Medellin in the 1980s. An intimate encounter between readers and the author, moderated by Ana María Aponte.

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Event J11

Luis García Montero and Juan Manuel Roca in conversation with Perla Toro

Poetry to face life with

 Sede Digital Jericó

Juan Manuel Roca is an acclaimed and award-winning Colombian poet, essayist and educator and the author of a diary that has been much read in recent months (Diario de un anarco-dependiente en cuarentena) as well as an extensive body of poetry. Luis García Montero is a poet, fiction writer, essayist, teacher of Spanish Literature and, since July 2018, Director of the Cervantes Institute. They will talk to Perla Toro.

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Event CA4

Manuel Vilas will talk about Alegría

Coffe with author

 Sede Digital Jericó

At this event we will share a lovely Jerico-style coffee with Manuel Vilas and we will talk about his most recent book, Alegría, a novel with autobiographical elements about a famous writer who travels the world, after achieving fame with his latest novel. While promoting the book and meeting his readers, he also deals with the death of his parents, a recent divorce, his relationship with his children and reflects on his country’s history. An intimate encounter between readers and the author, moderated by Ana Cristina Restrepo.

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