Hay Festival Segovia 2021

The sixteenth edition of the Hay Festival Segovia will be held from September 17 to 19, 2021. For the first time, to celebrate the heritage of Castilla y León there will be a series of previous events in various venues in the region. All events will be in-person — some will be streamed too — respecting the security protocols. More information here.


Event 6

Maysun in conversation with Aurelio Martín

On the exhibition To Exist is to Resist

Venue: La Alhóndiga. Sede de Gales / Llwyfan Cymru
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Maysun Abu-Khdeir, born in Zaragoza to a father of Palestinian origin, started work in photojournalism almost by chance, as a way of examining her identity and the world around her. After over fifteen years in the profession, this independent Palestinian photographic journalist has become an outstanding and highly experienced documentary photographer covering areas in conflict. A perceptive critic of injustice, she was nominated for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize by the European Pressphoto Agency​ for her coverage of the Syrian civil war. She has also covered social and political conflicts and natural disasters in Europe, the Balkans, Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. Maysun combines her work as a journalist with public speaking, education, painting and design. Her exhibition, To Exist is to Resist, on show at the Hay Festival, is about the lives of Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and in the countries where they have taken refuge.

Maysun will talk to the journalist Aurelio Martín.

Inauguration of the exhibition for the press: 12:00.

Public opening of the exhibition: 18:00.

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Event 8

Enrique Laborde, Leyre Bozal and Ángel Gonzalez Pieras in conversation

Ignacio Zuloaga and El Adelantado de Segovia

Venue: Centro Santo Domingo (Antigua Sinagoga) de Pedraza de la Sierra
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In this session we will analyze the relationship Ignacio Zuloaga had with Segovia, a city he got to know at the end of the 19th century and where his uncle Daniel -a renowned potter- lived, and with the local newspaper El Adelantado de Segovia, on the paper’s 120th anniversary. Zuloaga lived for some periods of time in the city of the Aqueduct, and he had his studio, among other places, in Ayala Berganza Palace, commonly known as the House of Crime, located in the San Millán neighborhood -which left its mark in works such as Las brujas de san Millán. His great grandson Enrique Laborde is a member of the Trust of the Villa de Pedraza Foundation, which manages the legacy of Zuloaga from the castle that the painter bought, and in which a museum dedicated to the artist can be found. Laborde will talk about his relationship with the painter and with the Segovian poet José Rodao. The director of El Adelantado, Ángel González Pieras will talk about the coverage that the paper did of his work, which he renovated thanks to his time in Castille, and because of the reviews published in the paper’s pages; many of them signed by Rodao and by Leyre Bozal, a curator of the exhibition Zuloaga en el París de la Belle Époque, alongside Pablo Jiménez Burillo. Bozal will talk about the painter and the black Segovia of the beginning of the 20th century.

The conversation will take place in the old Synagogue, run by the Villa Pedraza Foundation, built in 1992, whose mission is to preserve and enrich the monumental patrimony of the Villa.

After the talk, the attendees will enjoy a visit to the Pedraza Castle where part of the artist’s collection is preserved.

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Event 52

Manuel Jabois and Karina Sainz Borgo in conversation

Two novelists in the trenches of Journalism

Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo
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Manuel Jabois once said “I write so that I won’t have to talk about what I write.” He will have to overcome his shyness here to talk about his latest book, the successful novel Miss Marte. The book is a thriller, a story of teenage love, a journalist’s investigation into the disappearance of a girl –inspired by the case of Madeleine McCann–, all set in the author’s native Galicia. The name of Jabois first became known with his writing for El Mundo and later El País and his work as a journalist has been recognized with awards such as the Julio Camba. After Malaherba, his previous publication, his latest book confirms the author’s storytelling powers with a portrait of a fascinating character.

Karina Sainz Borgo is the other pole of this event. She shares with Jabois a career in journalism, and the two will focus their conversation on these two sides of a single profession: writing. The Venezuelan writer’s first novel, La hija de la española, made a considerable impact in the world of literature, receiving the French Madame Figaro Grand Prix de l’Héroїne, and she has talked about her second novel as a book about the need for compassion. El tercer país is about an illicit cemetery located in a frontier land, where life and death meet; this story, which has aspects of magic realism about it, is about two strong women learning to survive.

Event in Spanish
Price: €7.00 (EUR)

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