Hay Festival Querétaro 2022 – Indigenous Cultures

We invite you to browse the programme of the seventh edition of the Hay Festival Queretaro, to be celebrated from 1-4 of September 2022. This year, we return with in person activities in the Hay Joven, Hay Festivalito, and Hay Delegaciones sections, and for the first time we present talks in the municipalities of Bernal, Corregidora, and Tequisquiapan.
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Event D1

Natalia Toledo in conversation with Imanol Martínez

Secundaria General Mariano Matamoros
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Natalia Toledo is the author of the book Guendaguti Ñee Sisi: La Muerte pies ligeros, which tells the story of how death came to Earth, inspired by the images of the great Oaxaca artist Francisco Toledo, the author’s father, and presentes in a Zapoteco/Spanish bilingual edition. Toledo will share a reading of this tale with the public and talk about it with Imanol Martínez.

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Event 38

Yásnaya Elena Aguilar, Dolores Reyes, Cristina Rivera Garza and Joseph Zárate in conversation with Amanda de la Garza (presented by Felipe Restrepo Pombo)


Jardín Guerrero
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Historical narratives about Latin America have usually arisen out of the colonial imagination. The Volver a contar: Historias latinoamericanas en el Museo Británico project, a collaboration between the Hay Festival and the Santo Domingo Centre of Excellence for Latin American Research (SDCELAR) at the British Museum, seeks to problematize and redirect these narratives, creating new discourses through the interpretations of objects in the museum’s Americas collection by artists, writers and thinkers from the region. This is a very necessary re-reading of our past in order to build a more plural and inclusive future. With Yásnaya Elena Aguilar (Mexico), Dolores Reyes (Argentina), Cristina Rivera Garza (Mexico) and Joseph Zárate (Peru), in conversation with Amanda de la Garza. With a presentation by Felipe Restrepo Pombo.
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Event 43

Iris Calderón and Benjamín Kumantuk Xuxpë in conversation with Isela Xospa

Narrating peoples

Museo de la Ciudad (espacio escénico)
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We are going through a moment of reflection regarding what has made the lives of native communities possible, enabling conversations regarding how respectful treatment can be established. At the same time, we have witnessed profound changes in ways in libraries and museums, spaces traditionally considered to be repositories of knowledge The use of electronic formats in the arts, culture, entertainment, academia and literature has given rise to a debate about “emerging formats” and the end of the use of the printed book as the only vessel of knowledge. This round table offers the chance to debate the ideologies that are changing the many ways of conceiving what are known in Western cultures as writing, reading, schooling, books, libraries, catalogues and archives. With Iris Calderón and Benjamín Kumantuk Xuxpë in conversation with Isela Xospa.

This event is part of the Eccles Centre & Hay Festival Writer's Award.

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Event 49

Alicia Lemus in conversation with Elvira Liceaga

Imagine climate emergency: Women of fire

Patio de la Delegación del Centro Histórico
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The story of resistance of a community led by women, as an example of union and strategic action to protect the natural resources and way of life of the people of Cherán, in Michoacán (Mexico). This inspiring case has become a podcast. With Alicia Lemus (Mexico), one of the “women of fire” and a central figure in the events, in conversation with Elvira Liceaga (Mexico), co-writer, co-producer and co-director of the podcast together with Ricardo Giraldo (Mexico).

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