Hay Festival Segovia 2022

Browse the programme of the seventeenth edition of Hay Festival Segovia. From September 15 to 18, 2022, we will have lots of events, including English-speaking authors. For the second year in a row there will be a series of previous events in various venues in the region, to celebrate the heritage of Castilla y León. All events will be in-person, respecting the security protocols. More information here.


Event 6

Exhibition Opening at the Esteban Vicente Museum


Venue: Capilla del Museo Esteban Vicente
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Candela Álvarez Soldevilla is one of the most prominent art collectors in Spain. She was a teenager when she bought an engraving with the money from her first salary, and today her collection totals more than 450 pieces, ranging from early 20th century to the most contemporary art, with a special focus on emerging artists. In the chapel of the Esteban Vicente Museum, there is a select display of this collection; pieces which share a common theme: the representation of the head as a vessel of thought. The artworks bear names as eminent as Ana Laura Aláez, Jaume Plensa, Anthony Caro, Manolo Valdés and Pérez Villalta, among many others.

Presented by Candela Álvarez Soldevilla, Sofia Barroso and the director of the Esteban Vicente Museum, Ana Doldan.

Free access until full capacity

Event 54

Alberto Ribeiro, Antonio Filipe Pimentel and Antonio Monteiro in conversation with Lorenzo de’ Medici

Patronage today

Venue: Torreón de Lozoya
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Patronage of different kinds is one of the major forms of promoting and protecting creative works. Three outstanding cultural figures who understand its importance, both in the public and private spheres, come to the Hay Festival Segovia. They are J. Alberto Ribeiro, Director of the Ajuda National Palace in Lisbon, who will talk about institutional patronage; Antonio Filipe Pimentel, Director of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, also in the Portuguese capital, who will talk about private patronage; and the ambassador Antonio Monteiro, Chair of the Millennium Bank Foundation, who will talk about support for public institutions and private creators through his foundation.

Prince Lorenzo de’ Medici, a direct descendent from a branch of the historical family of patrons, will moderate this event.

Price: €8.00 (EUR)

Event 75

Kate Daudy and Sir Konstantin Novoselov in conversation with Javier Gila

Imagine... Humanity. Everything is connected

Venue: IE University
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What do a refugee, a high-level politician and a carbon atom on the other side of the world have in common? All of them share the same pattern of existence. The prominent conceptual and multimedia artist Kate Daudy, who has worked on major international projects; and the scientist and artist Sir Konstantin Novoselov, winner of the 2010 Novel Prize for Physics, have been working since 2017 on a humanitarian art and science project whose goal is to explore the ways in which Everything Is Connected and to invite the public to reflect on these connections. Daudy and Novoselov, who will undertake an artistic intervention as part of the Hay Festival, believe that it is worth considering interconnection when assessing our behaviour: our lives are what our thoughts make them. They will talk at this event about their project, which has involved collaboration with different NGOs and institutions linked to humanitarian work in the context of aid and development cooperation.

They will talk to Javier Gila, chair of the Aida: Ayuda, Intercambio y Desarrollo association, who has been working with them on the project.

With simultaneous translation from English to Spanish and vice versa

Price: €8.00 (EUR)

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