Hay Festival Segovia 2023

Hay Festival Segovia 2023 will run September 14-17. There will also be some events in the run up to the festival.

Tickets are on sale now. Please write entradas@hayfestival.com if you have any doubts with tickets sales.

Events for Children and Young People

Here are all our events for families, children and young adults. Select events from our Programme for Schools or our traditional Hay Days programme, there is also a selection of interactive workshops to enjoy.

Please note: Hay Days events are available for free replay for the duration of the festival - after this you will be able to find them on Hay Festival Anytime. Programme for Schools events and workshops will be free to replay for the duration of the festival and then free on Hay Festival Anytime.

Event 35

Workshop for children

We are all geniuses

Venue: Biblioteca Pública de Segovia
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We all start out from a very similar point. We are all potential geniuses; the trick is to find and bring out our potential. And what better time than childhood? In this workshop, led by the writer Arturo Torres Moreno, we will delve into the lives of Nobel Prize winners. The author will use this to get the children to explore their own dreams and prove that we are all geniuses, so let’s show it!

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Workshop for children

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