Event 44

Reyes Monforte and Carmen Posadas in conversation with Carlos Aganzo

Women readers and writers: A new literature

Venue: Teatro Juan Bravo

It is a phenomenon throughout the world, but especially in Spanish literature: the success of literature written by women whose reading public is comprised mainly of women. Two of the most popular novelists of our time, Reyes Monforte and Carmen Posadas, represent in their own right the definition of a new literature that has another way of narrating, and another way of being read. Both have set historical novels in Russia – Monforte with Una pasión rusa (‘A Russian Passion’) and Posadas with El testigo invisible (‘The Invisible Witness’). Both have garnered awards throughout their careers and are now members of literary awards juries. They are among the female authors who have relaunched the publishing industry in a new direction. What is really behind this phenomenon? Monforte and Posadas, each with hundreds of thousands of readers in Spain and in America, will speak with journalist and writer Carlos Aganzo about this phenomenon and and their latest novels: Monforte's La memoria de la lavanda (Lavender’s memory) and Posadas's La maestra de títeres (The puppetry teacher).

Carlos Aganzo Photo ©: LLANTÉN K

Carmen Posadas Photo ©: EFE

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