Event 37

Carlota del Amo, Isabel Perancho, Clara Jiménez and Raúl Magallón

How does fake news affect us?

Venue: Biblioteca Municipal, Casa de la Lectura, Sala Roja

DIRCOM is the most important Association of Directors of Communication in Spain. This panel reflects on how FakeNews and Factchecking news affects our lives and communications. How can communicators respond to this situation? Throughout the table, topics such as the globalisation of distrust and the reliability of the sources, what is the factchecking and what is dedicated; to what interests do fakenews respond, who or who moves them and how do they spread. The fake market, why it is necessary and what kind of information it fights. We will also analyse the ecosystem hunt and the appearance of a new professional profile: the fact checker. Carlota del Amo, Corporate Communications Director of the Penguin Random House Editorial Group chairs the event with Isabel Perancho, General Director of Planner Media, Clara Jiménez, co-founder and project manager of maldita.es and member of the International Fact-checking Network Advisory Board, Raúl Magallón, professor in the Department of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication of the Carlos III University of Madrid. Author of UnfakingNews. How to combat misinformation.

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