Event 53

Fernando Savater in conversation with Jesús Vigorra

Memories of love

Venue: La Alhóndiga

The Worst Part, Memories of Love by Fernando Savater is a hymn of praise to his wife Sara and also to life. The philosopher, one of the most highly regarded and best-selling authors in the Spanish language, reminisces about his life together with the companion and reader of his books, the strong woman who never gave up on anything and who always fought for everything. When she died, Savater wanted only to cry and did not think he would write again. His love for her has engendered this book and provides a new lease on life: he confesses, “And thus I appreciated life more, because she made the world more beautiful”. Savater talks to cultural journalist Jesús Vigorra.

Photo ©: Florence Montmare / Bonniers
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