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Edu Huamán, Irene Huamán and Jackson Pereyra in conversation with Aurelio Arévalo Miró Quesada

El Comercio event: The pandemic from a teenage point of view

Arequipa 2021, 

The Editor of El Comercio newspaper, Aurelio Arévalo Miró Quesada, will talk to four teenagers, who will tell us about their experiences during the pandemic: what it has been like to live in confinement without contact with their friends, with their parents acting as teachers, with the presence of the disease, connectivity problems, the stress of restricted freedom, and the many changes, difficulties and learnings that they have had to face at a relatively early age, during these two years of the pandemic. This event also covers the El Comercio project, Corresponsales Escolares, an educational initiative that returns in the times of Covid after a nine-year hiatus, with the goal of giving a voice to the school community. These teenagers will participate in the first event and tell us about their experiences and what they have learned. With Edu Huamán, Irene Huamán and Jackson Pereyra.