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Jorge Bruce and Guillermo Nugent in conversation with Jorge Álvarez

Can racism be countered?

Arequipa 2021, 

There are many factors that define the context of a country and its development: historical events; cultural traditions; racial, class or gender prejudices; the economy; territorial conflicts… Is it possible to change a country like Peru, with all its complexity? Two psychoanalysts dare to respond to this question, guided by Jorge Álvarez, and seek to understand categories such as “cholo” and “choledad”, which the two have analysed in great depth. With Jorge Bruce (Peru), psychoanalyst, writer and author of Nos habíamos choleado tanto. Psicoanálisis y racismo, and Guillermo Nugent (Peru), sociologist, historian and psychoanalyst, author of the recent El laberinto de la choledad. In conversation with Jorge Álvarez.