Event 3

José Antonio Marina with reading clubs

Educating talent

Venue: Biblioteca Pública de Segovia

The philosopher and educator José Antonio Marina has dedicated his investigations to developing a theory of intelligence that begins with neurology and ends with ethics, based on the premise that intelligence does not seek knowledge but rather happiness and dignity. He has published around four dozen works as the solo author and many more in collaboration with other writers. Some of his books have become bestsellers in a field, essay, where runaway success is a rarity. These include works such as Ética para náufragos and Teoría de la inteligencia creadora, for which he has received important awards, including the Anagrama Prize and the National Essay Prize. He has just published a new edition of one of his key works: La educación del talento (“Educating Talent”), which deals with the question of cultivating talent in children. The question of talent is a central matter in education, and this book helps with the task of discovering each person’s strengths and weaknesses, and the habits necessary to develop skills. He will talk about these matters with the reading clubs of Segovia.

Pedro Blanco, from the reading clubs, will present José Antonio Marina.

Once the event is over, the author will sign books in the venue.

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