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Gabriela Wiener in conversation with Gabriela Cabezón Cámara

Huaco retrato

Arequipa 2022, 

The Peruvian writer and journalist Gabriela Wiener is the author of books such as Sexografías, Nueve lunas, Llamada perdida and Dicen de mí. She won the Peruvian National Journalism Prize for an investigation into gender violence in the literary world, and she is a regular columnist for a number of media outlets. Huaco retrato (2021) deals with her family past and, in parallel, with the history of Peru and Latin America; a huaco retrato is a piece of ceramic made by the native peoples of Peru. In 1878, the Austrian Jewish explorer Charles Wiener, the author’s great-great-grandfather, carried four thousand pre-Colombian pieces away from Peru, in the process gaining the recognition of the academic community based on their display at the Paris Universal Exhibition. The protagonist faces up to this instance of stolen memory and reflects on her own family past -which is the history of one continent or two-, and on the consequences of colonization and racism on our lives and in the here and now. In conversation with the Argentinean writer Gabriela Cabezón Cámara.