Event HJ3

Daniella Sánchez Russo in conversation with Esteban Vega


Universidad de Cartagena, Sala de Lectura Biblioteca Fernández de Madrid (Claustro de San Agustín)
The Barranquilla writer and academic, Daniella Sánchez Russo presents Vigilia, a story constructed using the recollections of two women from the opposite poles of the social scale who discover the world they have in common, the one that underlies their everyday lives. Irene, a woman with newborn twins and a failing marriage, revisits a past with its memories of her sickly brother and the bloody violence of armed groups, in a house where her most honest human connection is with her employee, Luzmila. At this event, the author will talk about this, her first novel, in conversation with Esteban Vega.

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