The Language Map

Andrés Ramírez, Sebastián Estrada, Johann Page and Pilar Reyes in conversation with Lluïsa Matarrodona

Cartagena 2023, 
The Language Map is an international collection published by Penguin Random House. It began in 2015 and it aims to make outstanding works from Spanish-language literature available in different countries (principally Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico, but also Spain and the United States). The Language Map could be described as a window through which the international literary scene can look in order to find out more about the best literature in Spanish. Lluïsa Matarrodona (Spain) will talk to Andrés Ramírez (Mexico), Editorial Manager of the Literary and Pocket Book Department at Penguin Random House México; Sebastián Estrada, Editorial Manager of Penguin Random House Colombia; Johann Page, Editorial Manager of Penguin Random House Perú; and Pilar Reyes (Colombia), Editorial Manager of Alfaguara, Taurus and Academic Publications at Penguin Random House.