Margarita García Robayo, Teresita Goyeneche and Daniella Sánchez Russo in conversation with David Lara

Cartagena and Barranquilla, for commemoration and celebration

Cartagena 2023, 
Two Caribbean cities and major players in the history of Colombia. Cities of contrasts, with inequalities, traditions and modernity; cities that have welcomed migrants and refugees, which have hosted legendary festivities, and that have also been the protagonists of works of literature. The Cartagena writers Margarita García Robayo (whose most recent books are La encomienda and El sonido de las olas) and Teresita Goyeneche (who presents her first work, La personalidad de los pelícanos), and the Barranquilla author Daniella Sánchez Russo (with her literary debut, Vigilia), talk about their home towns, their work and the stories that live in and are lived in by these cities. In conversation with David Lara.