Event HJ20

Andrés Felipe Solano and Amets Arzallus in conversation with Josef Amon and Daniella Sánchez Russo

Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla (Auditorio Marvel Moreno)
Two writers talk about their most recent work in converation with Josef Amon and Daniella Sánchez Russo. Andrés Felipe Solano is a writer, essayist and author of books including the novels Los hermanos Cuervo, Cementerios de neón and Sálvame, Joe Louis; of the work of journalism Salario mínimo: Vivir con nada, and also of Corea, apuntes desde la cuerda floja, a book that won the Biblioteca de Narrativa Colombiana Prize in 2016. His latest book is Gloria. Amets Arzallus (Basque Country) is a jounalist, writer and bertsolari improvisor (a traditional Basque oral poet), winner of multiple championships. Alonside Ibrahima Balde, a migrant from Guinea in Europe, he wrote the book Hermanito, that tells the journey of Ibrahima since he leaves his country in search of his younger brother. This book has been translated into 10 languages.
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