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Rafael Dumett in conversation with Fernando Gómez

El camarada Jorge y el Dragón

Arequipa 2023, 
After the storming success of El Espía del Inca (2019), Rafael Dumett returns with a new historical novel, El camarada Jorge y el Dragón (2023), about one of the most controversial and thrilling figures in the recent history of Peru. In the first episode of a saga about Eudocio Ravines, the novel tells the story of his childhood and early days in Cajamarca, the turbulent circumstances in which he was brought up, the women of his family and the influence of his uncle, the colonel Belisario Ravines, hero of the War of the Pacific. The novel covers the early period of the life of an outstanding historical figure, one who, over the course of his life, would take part in three coups d’état in Peru, would be deported by five different presidents and would go from being a communist activist to a CIA propaganda figurehead. He will talk to Fernando Gómez.
Rafael Dumett in conversation with Fernando Gómez