Event HJ11

Julio Victoria in conversation with Aroldo Mondol Quintana

Universidad de Cartagena, Claustro de San Agustín (Biblioteca)
Julio Victoria is a Colombian music producer and DJ who has worked intensely on his Live project, involving traditional Colombian instruments such as the harp or the marimba in the electronic universe, creating an authentic and innovative music. This interesting experimental mixture that has taken him onto stages in countries such as the US, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Finland, Norway, France, Hungary, Croatia, the UK and Japan. Victoria has also created an interesting social project in which he aims to democratise access to music, allowing it to reach young people in some of Colombia’s most marginal neighbourhoods thanks to educational workshops on electronic arts for the community of Ciudad Bolívar, always collaborating with local artists. He will talk to DJ Mondol.

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Julio Victoria in conversation with Aroldo Mondol Quintana
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