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This is Wales

Thanks to the international agreement between the Welsh Government and the Hay Festival, we are pleased to present the Cineteca Rosalío Solano - Llwyfan Cymru – Wales Stage. From this stage, the public can enjoy face-to-face activities during the four days of the festival.

Discover Wale’s rich culture and history. From world-famous arts to jaw-dropping scenery. It all comes with a legendary warm welcome.



SURA, Hay Festival Ally for Latin America continues to support the Festival. On this occasion, they sponsor the talks with Carissa Véliz, in conversation with Eliezer Budassof, who talked about data privacy; with Ha-Joon Chang, economist and author of Edible Economics, in conversation with Eduardo Rabasa; and the Argentinian writer Hernán Díaz, who was on stage with Elvira Liceaga.


Dow consolidates its supprt to Hay Festival Querétaro, helping us to make it more sustainable by measuring and neutralising our carbon footprint and thereby promoting a Festival that is all about protecting the planet. Thanks to Dow, spectators were able to recycle waste and access to drinkable water in between talks. In addition, Dow and its allies restored public cycle routes in the city, facilitating the safe use of this valuable means of transport

Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) is a Spanish public body dedicated to promoting Spain’s culture and heritage, inside and outside the country, through an extensive programme of activities. This includes exhibitions, meetings, conferences, film, theatre, music, audio-visual productions, and initiatives that boost the mobility of professionals and artists. As part of the promotion of the internationalization and mobility of Spanish literary professionals, AC/E collaborates with the Hay Festivals held around the world, co-organizing activities for the promotion and dissemination abroad of the work of Spanish writers. Hay Festival Querétaro 2023 gathered a number of talented Spanish artists: María Medem, Aroa Moreno and Irene Solà.

British Council

Hay Festival and British Council launched a global partnership at the 2010 Hay-on-Wye Festival - deepening their joint work since the birth of Hay Festival Cartagena - and have since worked together to bring UK writers and thinkers to global audiences. The British Council's literature team promotes British publishers, poets and writers in different communities and audiences around the world, developing innovative and high-quality events that weave connections between writers, publishers and cultural institutions. British authors of Hay Festival Querétaro 2023 had the support of the British Council, in order to ensure that the knowledge and experience of the United Kingdom in the field of literature are recognized and appreciated by different Mexican audiences. These are the British authors who were at the festival: Isabella Hammad, Sarah Ladipo Manyika and Carissa Véliz. Besides, British Council supported this event: Equity series: Aura García-Junco, María Medem and Douglas Stuart in conversation with Alexandra Haas.

International Wales Arts Council Fellowship

Hanan Issa (Wales/irak) is a Welsh writer and filmmaker of Iraqi origin, and Cymrawd Rhugwladol Hay Festival / Hay Festival International Fellow for 2022-2023, a programme organised together with Arts Council of Wales, which allows Welsh writers to be part of international Hay Festivals. Issa has been rewarded as the National Poet of Wales.

BBC Mundo

To accompany the programmes of the Hispanic festivals, expanding their scope through the use of digital tools, Hay Festival has teamed up with BBC Mundo for the preparation of a supplementary online programme in which Hay Festival Querétaro guests and other major figures in the world of European and American culture talk about current affairs, offer suggestions for books to read and authors they admire, and share their views on specific subjects. Readers can also find notes of interest and test their knowledge of literature and the Spanish language. BBC Mundo journalist were part of the Hay Festival Queretaro programme, and a Journalist Workshop was organised with Communications students from the University.

This digital programme, with exclusive online videos, texts, images and conversations, were be broadcasted on the website and social media of BBC Mundo and Hay Festival.

El País América

Hay Festival and El País have established a media alliance for all the festivals in Latin America, bringing the festival to the readers of the newspaper, and the interviews and investigations of the newspaper to the spectators of the festival. The newspaper featured a talk at each festival with a great international personality, and both organizations shared content to bring the Hay Festival closer to the readers of El País. This time Leontxo García was interviewed by the director of El País México, Jan Martínez Ahrens.

Hay Festival Forum Dallas @ The Wild Detectives

The Wild Detectives and the Hay Festival join forces once more to create one of the most interesting literary and cultural events in the city of Dallas. Hay Forum Dallas celebrates its sixth edition in September 2023 with the participation of writers Hernán Díaz, Brenda Navarro and journalist Daniela Rea, among many other names. The speakers participated in activities in the Forum on September 9 and 10, and they offered activities for university students at South Methodist University, University of North Texas at Arlington and University of Texas at Dallas. 

Learn more about Hay Forum Dallas here

The Eccles Centre for American Studies

The Eccles Centre & Hay Festival Writer's Award is an annual award of £20,000 for a current writing project exploring the Americas. Sponsored by the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library, the Writer’s Award is run in partnership with Hay Festival. The award is open to writers working on full-length non-fiction or fiction books, in English or Spanish that require research use of the British Library’s Americas collections. This year’s call is now open. Hay Festival, the not-for-profit event series with editions across the Americas, is pleased to support the award in reaching the widest possible audiences, profiling winners at its festivals around the world. In this edition they support the talk Eccles Centre for American Studies eventJavier Silverio Balderas Castillo and Isela Xospa in conversation with Yásnaya Elena Aguilar..

Learn more about The Eccles Centre & Hay Festival Writer's Award here


Hay Diálogos con Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos aims to favour the knowledge and exchange between authors of different generations and nationalities who are united by the same language and a shared literary tradition which is enriched by authors of different origins. This proposal which will be developed in each and every one of the existing Hay Festivals consists of the participation of an acclaimed author, who nominates a younger author from Latin America or Spain (the Spanish authors must pick a Latin American author and vice versa). This is, thus, a dialogue that builds bridges between different generations and countries, with one branch of literature, that is, Spanish literature, acting as a link. In this edition, the Mexican writer Brenda Navarro talked to the Spanish writer Greta García.

Talento Editorial

Talento Editorial meetings are professional and international events open to the public, with the aim to know new and successful experiences in the publishing industry. Spaces in which booksellers, publishers and people from the sector exchange ideas and reflect together. Last year this sector suffered -or enjoyed- an extraordinary revolution, which has affected its economic and creative foundations. The XVII edition of Talento Editorial invites you to analyse irreversible cultural change.

Learn more about Talento Editorial here.

Universidad Autónoma de México

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is the largest public university in Latin America, with excellence in academia and research, and an established and well-known cultural program. Together with the Hay Festival Querétaro, both entities establish a collaborative bond to bring the content of the Hay Festival Querétaro 2023 closer to an audience of students. They support the following talk: Vindictas. Lola Ancira, Rosa Beltrán, Aroa Moreno y Socorro Venegas en conversación con Silvia Georgina Estrada.

Zorro Rojo, LEO, En El Semáforo Se Aprende and La Otra Banda

Hay Festivalito's programme, aimed at children and young adults, and Hay Delegaciones programme, both for children and adults, that brings the Festival to the seven delegaciones of the city, are carried out in collaboration with the Querétaro civil associations LEO, Zorro Rojo, En el semáforo se aprende and La Otra Banda. Bringing a cultural and educational richness of the program and to its participants from the most vulnerable areas of the city.

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